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This web page was set up as a general public awareness site to expose the truth about fox hunting in the UK.

Hunting wild animals with dogs has been banned in the UK since the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004 came into force in February 2005.

However, the loop-holes in this act allow hunts to continue, persecuting and hunting foxes, deer and hare.

This web page aims to bring the mockery hunts are making of the law to the public’s attention. Hunts continue to break the law under the guise of trail hunting, which is a made-up name hunts invented that allows them to abuse the current law.

There is no closed season for the killing of foxes, they are persecuted throughout the winter by fox hunters / terriermen and shot, trapped, snared and poisoned by farmers, estate owners and their gamekeepers throughout the rest of the year.

It is illegal to chase and kill foxes with a pack of hounds although hunts pay little attention to the law and continue to hunt and brutally kill foxes even after this was banned in 2005. This makes a mockery of our laws, lying to the public, police and justice system to cover up their illegal crimes.

It’s been over 17 years since the ban on fox hunting was introduced in the UK. In that time thousands and thousands of examples of evidence has been caught on camera of hunts illegally hunting and killing foxes and the often violent tactics they use to cover up their crimes.

The Hunting with dogs Act 2004 was introduced supposedly to protect UK wildlife. But, due to :-

• a weak Act which is full of loop holes,

• lack of enforcement,

• lenient sentences & fines,

• a bias legal system with hunt supporters in high places ……

our wildlife continues to be persecuted and brutally ripped apart.

There are various campaigns to change, strengthen and close the loop holes in the Hunting Act 2004 to prevent this cruelty.
Please support these campaigns and use this website as a resource to help lobby your MP’s, PCC, Police, Press etc.

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