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Fox Kills by Hunts

Known fox kills which hunt sabs/monitors attended.

Please note : as every hunt in the UK can not be monitored at every meet, the number of   foxes killed by hunts will be considerabally higher.

29th August, 2017
Blencathra Foxhounds killed 1 fox at Birketts Field, Threlkeld (Cumbria Hunt Watch)

9th September, 2017
Wheatland Hunt meeting at Larden Grange Farm nr Brockton Village, Much Wenlock killed 1 fox (Shrops Sabs)

11th September, 2017
Warwickshire Hunt meeting at Loxley in Warwickshire probably killed 1 fox. (West Mids Sabs)

23rd September, 2017
The Cheshire Hunt hunting at Marbury killed at least 1 fox (Witnessed by member of the public who messaged Cheshire Monitors)

23rd September, 2017
The South Durham Hunt killed 1 fox, Kirk Merrington (NE Hunt Monitors)

26th September, 2017
The Cheshire Hunt meeting at Huxley Lane Farm killed at least 1 fox near Huxley Gorse. (Cheshire Monitors)

27th September, 2017
The South Durham Hunt killed 1 fox, Embleton Hall Dairies (NE Hunt Monitors)

30th September, 2017
The South Durham Hunt killed 1 fox (NE Hunt Monitors)

4th October, 2017
The South Durham Hunt, meeting at Lowfield Farm, Willington killed 2 foxes (NE Hunt Monitors)

7th October, 2017
Badsworth and Bramham Moor meeting at Sycamore Tree Farm in Wistow killed in a beet field at Wistow, near Selby. Probably a fox, but could have been a hare. (Sheffield Sabs and W Yorks Sabs)

7th October, 2017
The Ledbury South Hunt killed1 fox in the area of Carwardine Farm, in Madley, Herefordshire (Three Counties Sabs)

7th October, 2017
The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, meeting at Ryewater Farm in Dorset, hunted and killed 1 (probably bagged) fox (South Cambs Sabs)

14th October, 2017
Probable kill by the Belvoir – the hounds had been in cry in a farmyard and then all came out together and the huntsman handed over a bag to a hunt supporter. When he saw he was observed, he came over and said that a trail had been laid but ‘if a fox had been killed it was an accident’ …. (tip-off to Northants sabs)

17th October, 2017
Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent, meeting at Fordcombe, killed 2 foxes (tip off from local to South Coast Sabs)

20th October, 2017
Bicester with Whaddon Chase killed 1 fox near Hillesden, Bucks (Beds and Bucks Sabs)

25th October, 2017
Beaufort Hunt meeting at Hawkesbury, possibly killed 1 fox – hounds seen covered in blood (Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch and Three Counties Sabs)

25th October, 2017
Cheshire Forest Hunt were near the village of Kelsall and probably killed 1 fox which was found disembowelled in a garden – several local people had seen the hunt on the road in front of the house. The hunt claimed afterwards they were only ‘exercising hounds’ but were accompanied by a quad bike carrying terriers.

28th October, 2017
Braes of Derwent Hunt meeting at Newlands killed 1 fox (NE Hunt Monitors)
28th October, 2017
The Fife Foxhounds killed 1 fox and probably a 2nd at their opening meet at Lochmalony House (Perthshire Hunt Sabs, Fife and central Sabs and Grampian Sabs)

28th October, 2017
Cotswold Vale Farmers meeting near Ross killed 1 fox (tip-off from locals to Three Counties Sabs)

28th October, 2017
The Flint and Denbigh Hunt meeting at the Plas Newydd estate in Trefnant, near Denbigh probably killed 1 fox (North Wales Hunt Sabs, Welsh Borders Sabs, Cheshire Hunt Sabs, Central Lancashire Hunt Sabs, Lancashire Hunt Sabs)

31st October, 2017
The East Essex Hunt, meeting Howe Farm, Finchingfield, killed 1 deer on the road between Finchingfield and Stambourne….and then left its body strewn all over the road there, until…. the police!!! (we see no illegal-hunting) came and cleared it up… You genuinely couldn’t make this shit up… (information given to Hunting Kills by resident of the village)

4th November, 2017
The Easton Harriers meeting at Oak Farm in Worlingworth, Suffolk probably killed 1 hare (Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Sabs)

5th November, 2017
The Mendip Farmers Hunt illegally-hunted and then killed 1 fox at Kingdown Farm, Priddy, near Wells (Witnessed by member of the public who informed Bath Hunt Sabs)

8th November, 2017
Cheshire Forest Hunt, hunting near Crowton, killed 1 fox in front of monitors (Cheshire Monitors)

11th November, 2017
Ashford Valley Hunt killed 1 fox (East Kent Sabs)

11th November, 2017
Easton Harriers unboxed at Meadows Works Business Park in Debenham, for their meet at Bryces Farm and then hunted a hare which they killed in someone’s garden at Read Hall Cottage near Debenham, Suffolk. (Norfolk/Suffolk Sabs)

14th November, 2017
Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent meeting at Coakham Farm in Kent, killed 1 fox (tip-off from local to South Coast Sabs)

15th November, 2017
The Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles, meeting at Lee Farm, Herriard in Hampshire killed 3 hares and possibly killed 2 more (Surrey Hunt Monitors)

15th November, 2017
Beadale Hunt hunting at Brompton on Swale, Richmond, Yorks, killed 1 fox (Tip off to NE Hunt Monitors)

18th November, 2017
The Berwickshire Hunt met at Bughtrig House and killed 1 rabbit and 1 fox and then stole the body of the fox from sabs (Glasgow Sabs , Grampian Sabs and Fife and Central Sabs)

18th November, 2017
The Ledbury South Hunt (Combo of Ledbury and disgraced South Herefordshire Hunt) meeting at Burhope Farm, Orcop in Herefordshire probably killed 1 fox (Three Counties Sabs and Welsh Borders Sabs)

18th November, 2017
The Badsworth and Bramham Hunt met at Paradise Lodge, Ryther, N Yorks, and killed 1 rabbit (Sheffield Sabs and West Yorks Sabs)

21st November, 2017
The Cheshire Hunt met at Poplars Farm, in Wettenhall, Cheshire and killed 1 fox within 10 minutes of moving off. Terrier man made off with the body ( Cheshire Monitors)

24th November, 2017
Surrey Union Hunt killed 1 fox at Honeybush Farm, Okewood Hill, Surrey. Terriermen prevented sabs reaching the body (Guildford Sabs)

25th November, 2017
The Berwickshire Hunt met at Ecclaw Hill and killed 1 fox and possibly a 2nd (Fife and Central Sabs, Glasgow Sabs and Grampian Sabs)

25th November, 2017
Information given to sabs by the former huntsman to the Eggesford Hunt, Gary Boon (now a whip for the Devon and Somerset Staghounds) that ‘some’ of the Eggesford hounds had been run over on the railway line ‘the other day’. (Devon County Sabs)

2nd December, 2017
The Fitzwilliam Hunt meeting at Grove Farm near Abbots Ripton, illegally-hunted a fox and then tried to legitimise the situation by killing it with a Golden Eagle by Raveley Woods, Abbots Ripton Hall Estate, Abbots Ripton, Cambs. The huntsman clearly irate as had wanted to continue the hunt with hounds (North Cambs Sabs, Beds and Bucks Sabs and Hertfordshire Sabs)

2nd December, 2017
Hounds from the Waveney Harriers rioted on a road near Bungay and caused a RTA, that required 3 police cars and an emergency ambulance to attend. No huntsman or whipper-in to be seen. 1 hound killed. (witnessed by Mike H, a local who happened to be driving by)

2nd December, 2017
The Wiltshire and Infantry Hunt beagles ran onto the road at the junction of the A303 and the A350 in Wiltshire and caused a RTA. 1 beagle was killedand another seriously injured (witnessed by one of the Somerset Sabs)

4th December, 2017
The Thurlow Hunt killed 1 fox near Clare in Suffolk (Cambridge Hunt Sabs)

17th December, 2017
The Warwickshire Hunt hunted and killed 1 fox near Honington (West Mids Sabs)

23rd December, 2017
The Meynell and South Staffs Hunt, meeting at the Bull’s Head pub, Rosliston, Derbyshire hunted and killed 1 fox in the fields between Coton Road, Walton-on-Trent and Catton Lane at around 2.30 p.m.. The kill was witnessed by the driver and passengers of the number 22 bus.

26th December, 2017
A horse being ridden out with the Minehead Harriers, meeting at the Rest and Be Thankful pub in Wheddon Cross, had an accident and died/was killed. (Somerset Wildlife Crime)

26th December, 2017
A horse being ridden out hunting with the Burton Hunt had a heart attack and died (monitors in Lincs)

26th December, 2017
The Thurlow Hunt hunted and killed 1 fox. The huntsman fled the scene but was later arrested by Suffolk police. (SES – Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs, North Cambs Hunt Sabs, South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs, Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, Northants Hunt Saboteurs, Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs)

26th December, 2017
The Cheshire Forest Hunt hunted and killed 1 fox (Cheshire Sabs, Cheshire Against the Cull)

26th December, 2017
The East Kent Hunt met at Elham and hunted and killed 1 fox at Etching Hill (tip-off from a member of the public

26th December, 2017
The Eryri Hunt illegally-hunted a fox, who was killed by a car on the road while trying to escape hounds

26th December, 2017
Hound from the Tredegar Farmers Hunt, meeting at the Tredegar Arms, Bassieg, killed on the road on the Risca by pass (member of the public)

26th December, 2017
The South Durham Hunt, meeting at the Kings Arms, near Darlington, hunted 1 fox and killed it on Heather Marks Farm, just outside Bishopton, Darlington, (local tip-off to Hunting Kills page)

27th December, 2017
Fernie Hunt in Leicestershire, killed 2 foxes (info to Notts sabs)

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