Letter Templates

Here are various letter templates you can freely download and use to send to Ministers, PCC’s, Police, Councils, Newspapers, MP’s etc, highlighting various issues.


Please amend the templates (adding the recipients name) where appropriate.


If you have a good letter template and would like us to list it, please let us know.


With thanks to G.A.B.S (Grantham Against Bloodsportsfor their help.



·  Letter template : Regarding hunts being allowed to abuse Covid-19 group gathering regulations. 
(Click on file to open)

* File : Template letter.doc

Who to send an email to

(Click on links below for their email address)


·  MP’s Listings

·  PCC – Police Commissioner Listings

·  Area Contacts

·  Police Chief Listings

More templates to be uploaded soon.

Instructions to copy a template into an e-mail:

  1. Click on template file and open
  2. Highlight and copy text
  3. Paste into e-mail
  4. Amend as needed, add the recipient’s name and add your name at the bottom to sign

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