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Jonathon Seed standing for the PCC Election 2021


In May 2021 former fox hunter Jonathon Seed is running to become a Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire.  If you would like to raise a complaint about the suitability of Jonathon Seed, please feel free to use our letter template. 


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 Please take action and raise a complaint if you are concerned about Jonathon Seed’s suitability as a PCC candidate (i.e conflict of interest, misleading the electorate, possible hidden agenda etc)


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Dear  Sir/Madam


Re :  Jonathon Seed standing for the PCC Election 2021


Link  :  Full explanation and Article


In May 2021, former fox hunter Jonathon Seed is running to become a Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire.


It is of serious concern that someone who has been involved with hunting all of their life and linked with hunt violence could be in a position of senior authority within the police. 


He has openly admitted to wanting the fox hunting ban overturned and even appeared in court for charges under the Hunting Act in 2012. 


His blatant and misleading denial of this court appearance, lack of transparency, involvement with a violent hunt and his support for an activity (trail hunting) which has been exposed as a smokescreen  (Webinars) for illegal hunting make him highly unsuitable as a Police and Crime Commissioner.


Jonathon Seed also boasted in hunting magazine “Horse and Hound” (20 January 2005) “We have a policy of zero tolerance for antis.”


Under the stewardship of Seed, “Two men operating as hunt “stewards” for the Avon Vale Hunt were arrested on Saturday 29th January after attacking hunt monitors from Pewsey Vale and Bath. The hunt stewards attacked two monitors as they walked along a bridleway between Great Chalfield Manor and Little Chalfield Farm near Holt in Wiltshire.”


Seed claimed on Twitter :

 “I have never been convicted of any wildlife offence or had any such allegation heard before a court. To say so or imply that I have is absolutely untrue.”

We find it extremely dishonest and disturbing that a candidate standing for Police and Crime Commissioner would blatantly try to mislead the electorate regarding his case in 2012 for which he was brought before the court under 2004 Hunting Act charges.


He said he was confident the ban on fox hunting, introduced in 2004, would be overturned by Parliament in the foreseeable future.

“We’ll get the ban overturned in due course,” he said. “The minister in charge has said he’d like to see it overturned.”

It is worrying that a candidate standing for election would have a hidden agenda that would result in a conflict of interest.


Jonathon Seed also sits on the Wiltshire County Council Crime panel. It is very concerning that Seed has been appointed to a position on the council’s crime panel given his past connection with violence and hunting that has now been exposed nationwide as a smokescreen lie and cover for illegal hunting.


It is clear Mr Jonathon Seed has been a long-time supporter of foxhunting and has been quoted as saying “wanting to test the law.”

It is deeply disturbing that Mr Seed seems to have little respect for the law and wanting to push it’s legal limits, even more worrying that he is standing as a Wiltshire PCC candidate.


It is highly inappropriate that any PCC candidate or their supporters, should engage in and promote any form of activity which seeks to pervert the electoral process for personal gain and undermine enacted legislation of England and Wales in the form of the Hunting Act.


Concerns have been raised over whether, if he is elected he will :


1.  Be capable of remaining unbiased and impartial with regards to bloodsports.


2.  Ensure that sufficient funding is made available to clamp down on illegal hunting, including foxhunting.

3.  Not exploit his newly acquired powers to interfere with the monitoring and policing of bloodsports.


4.  Use his position to enable illegal hunting and push the legal limits.


Given Mr Seeds history and involvement in legally-questionable activities, his lack of openness, honesty and possible hidden agenda (which is highly questionable), this makes him totally unsuitable for the position of PCC.






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