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Template letter to – Mr Mark Drakeford (First Minister of Wales)

(* Regarding Welsh restricted shopping lock down rules)

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To :


Subject : Lock down rules, shopping restrictions


Dear Mr Drakeford (First Minister of Wales),I am writing to express my concern regarding your logic behind what you can or cannot buy during Welsh lock down restrictions while shopping in supermarkets.

Example :

  • You can buy a magazine, but not a book or DVD to keep the kids entertained.
  • You can buy beer & fireworks, but not a scarf or gloves.
  • Women can buy false nails & lipstick, but men cant buy a pair of underpants.

These ridiculous restrictions seem badly thought out and all it does is drive people to shop at Amazon, search around town looking for items they need or cross over the border into England. This does not help to contain the spread of the virus.

English lock down rules will soon also come into force. There is no plan to impose restrictions on what you can or cannot buy from supermarkets.

I do hope you will eventually see sense, logic and remove these ridiculous shopping restrictions.

What harm is there in putting a DVD in your shopping basket to keep the kids entertained while doing your food shopping.

Your illogical shopping restrictions only provoke frustration and anger, making a difficult time even worse.

These restrictions will just rile voters to dislike the labour party even more, especially in Welsh Tory seats.

I do hope you will reconsider.



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