When a fox rescue is not a fox rescue

By  :  Accidental Writer



We put this article together based on information that has already been made public, stated and published for you to make your own minds up about the situation.

For legal reason, we cannot name the organisation promoting this misleading request for donations even though this has already been made public.

We can only take screenshots of what they have already made public and anything that may be misrepresentation, therefore, for the sake of anonymity, we shall refer to them as :  “Keep the Bounty“.



Fox rescue or not


Anyone involved in animal care as a pet owner or professionally, will at some point have to make a decision if the quality of life for the animal they care for, has come to an end and the pain, and often mental torture, should not be prolonged.

This is even more important for wild animals who are not used to human interaction, or being confined in small cages for months/years on end. This is called prolonged suffering.

The aim of rescue and rehabilitation is to return the animal to the wild, treated with as little human contact as possible.


A vet will advise if the time has come to put the animal to sleep and will make this decision based on a number of factors.


* The decision to opt for euthanasia is made when pain or disability has deprived an animal of the quality of life it deserves.

* Where a captive caged status is detrimental to the wild animal’s quality of life.

* Where no suitable housing can be found for rehabilitation.

* Where a wild animal would be unable to look after itself in the wild and an ongoing captive status in small cages would cause stress and psychological problems.

* The chances of a full recovery to normal life are slim, resulting in prolonged suffering.


Keeping permanently injured & disabled foxes in small cages with no chance of being released or proper rehabilitation facilities is not rescue, its hoarding poor foxes in captivity and prolonged torture.



The Scandal


The organisation “Keep the Bounty” promotes and asks for donations for a “Fox Hospital” that turns out to be just a room full of cages containing hoarded foxes.


We were recently bombarded with a post by a well known organisation asking for donations to the Fox Hospital to buy a mobile clinic. God knows why they were asking for £300k.

This “so called” fox hospital turns out to be a room full of cages where the guy who runs it has absolutely no experience.


These poor foxes are kept caged for months/years on end.

To run a fox rescue centre you need a few things.

1. Experience

2. Suitable facilities, space, runs, slow release enclosures, not a little room full of small cages.


This donation request was made without listing any information (red warning flag) and probably broke every charity/donation rule in the book.

* No director’s name given.

* No address given.

* No accountability for where the money was going.

* No charity status (in-fact actually turned down for charity status in 2021).

* Not licensed.

* No experience or qualification (not even a basic NVQ level 1 in animal care).

* Caged animals kept in a small room in a flat.

* RSPCA and police are trying to locate this person for questioning (allegedly).


The whole thing absolutely stank of irresponsibility both by the group promoting the donations (Keep the Bounty) and by Fox Hospital itself.

KTB Donation request

Many people donated to this cause without thinking what it really entailed. A mobile unit to cart poor foxes around in small cages because the owner hasn’t got suitable premises and didn’t really have the facilities to rehab foxes.


Some people may claim this is exploitation, pulling at the heart strings of animal lovers to benefit a fake, highly questionable and misleading cause.


Some people have expressed anger at both “Keep the Bounty” and “Fox hospital” saying they need be investigated by the Charities Commission, Inland Revenue, Companies House for misleading donation promotion.

For an organisation to publicly ask for donations to a person called “Fox hospital”, when there isn’t actually a fox hospital and turns out to be just a room full of cages, is misrepresentation.


Time will tell if the authorities will look into this matter, but im sure there will be many people now keeping a very close eye on the situation.



A registered “non-profit” Limited Company


Before we look at Fox Hospital in more depth, let’s start off by explaining what a registered “non-profit” business really is and how it works.


These type of businesses are usually set up to raise funds for causes, for example : political parties often use them to raise money for a candidate.

They are perfectly legal, but they also can have a not so moral side to them.


They have to be non-profit and there are certain ways to ensure a business doesn’t make any profit, its called racking up the expenses, administration fees and awarding themselves huge wages.

They can generate huge amounts of money from :

* Subscriptions.

* Merchandise sales.

* Donations.

* Various fund me on the go at same time.

* Direct debit payments.


Morally Wrong  :  They are all about getting money off you and often use aggressive marketing tactics that cares nothing for the people they are targeting with their aggressive campaigning.

Example : 

* Please sign our petition (Photo of a cute fluffy animal). You click on it and you find yourself with a pop up in your face asking for money.

* They often post trivia memes ie “a celebrity says”, just to keep the link to their “give us your money” button going.

* Click on an article and it often directs you to a data mining form, asking you to give them your details so they can bombard you with even more money requests. No “opt out” marketting tick box supplied as you sign what you think is a petition.

* You go on their website and hidden cookies will collect your data off your device.

* They often use heart wrenching pleas with a sob story to get money out of you.

fake petition

These type of businesses are designed to pull on people’s heart strings while ensuring they take a huge cut out of the money raised to allocate themselves a large wage.

Always choose a group/organisation to support that doesn’t ask for donations which goes to pay themselves a wage


Often, only a small percentage of the money raised actually goes to the cause. Most of the money is swallowed up in expenses, this can be anything from awarding themselves huge wages, travel costs, rent for premises, equipment, lunches etc. A director of this type of business can often lead a lavishness lifestyle off the back of your donation.

It’s very rare that they will inform you of the exact money figure that was raised and how much of this has actually gone to the cause.

They also don’t like to directly link to the cause’s own fund raiser, as this would mean they wouldn’t get any money (a cut) themselves.


Shockingly this isn’t illegal, however, it’s just morally wrong and preys on the heart strings of people. Its an area that needs better regulation. It can be a good personal earner for the people who run them.

It’s surprising just how many gullible people fall for this.


They usually offer, some people tidbits. This is usually for PR purposes and to get people onside.

Example :  offer to pay for a few leaflets, pay for a car to be fixed, pay for someone to produce work for them, all to make themselves look good, but in reality, very little of the money gained actually goes to good causes.


We have stopped these type of businesses from advertising on our platform to ensure our members are not conned out of money and preyed upon.

fake address

We have previously tried to raise all these aggressive marketing issues with “Keep the Bounty” but were told,
Quote : “People are jealous because we get paid and others don’t”.   It’s a sad day when helping to save foxes becomes all about money and it’s not done for the sake of the fox.

It’s not a problem that these type of businesses generate huge amounts of money if this is all going to good causes, the problem is, when the income gained doesn’t balance out with any payments made to causes.



A con-artist


Any con-artist who is trying to get money out of you, will always have a sob story, ie they are a victim, they are being abused, threatened etc. and need money to help them, blah blah.


These people tend to get evicted by landlords and move on from place to place. They are extremely good at playing the victim.

If anyone discovers their scam, they usually plead they are being harassed. They usually can spin a very good story.

Definition of a con artist : A person who cheats or tricks others out of money by persuading them to believe something that is not true or exaggerated.

(So called) Fox Hospital


The Fox Hospital is run by a guy called “Ryan Rees Prichett” in the Southend-on-Sea, Essex area.
He also calls himself the “Fox Rescuer”. It seems he also has various other groups he runs and uses to promote his donation income.

Names Ryan operates under


It is misrepresentation to call himself a hospital as this is just a small room in his flat full of cages.


Ryan seems to be gaining huge amounts of money from various donation appeals on the go at same time.

Funds - Fox Hospital

Where any person who donates time and effort to raise money for genuine causes is admirable, however, when the care given becomes deluded and is detrimental to the animal’s needs and welfare, this becomes highly questionable and often turns into cruelty.


Vets have often advised him to euthanise some foxes that he has collected that have no chance of a normal life and to prevent further pain and suffering, but Ryan has ignored the vets advice.

Quote - Ryan


These wild animals that Ryan collects are often Injured beyond repair, disabled and destined for a life in a small cages under Ryan’s questionable care. 


The aim of rescue is to return them back to the wild after treatment, where they belong … or … in a sanctuary type situation where they have the freedom to run around. If this is not possible and they are injured beyond repair, then the kindest option is euthanasia.

Unfortunately Ryan offers non of these options and takes it upon himself to ignore vets’ advice and experiment treat these animals, while keeping these foxes caged up 24/7  for months/years which causes torment, prolongs pain and psychological problems (chewing paws etc).


He simply doesn’t have the experience or facilities to rescue wild animals, which leads to ignorance of the animal’s needs, poor care and conditions.


The problem is, Ryan seems to sees himself as some sort of Noel Fitzpatrick or Pen Farthing who has a fantasy dream to build a state of the art high tech hospital, which would cost millions,  when in reality he just hoards foxes to keep in unfit conditions.

He has no land, no planning permission, no qualification, no experience, only a fantasy hospital design done on a PC program.  Absolutely delusional, which is dangerous.

In the meantime, it appears he cruelly hoards foxes in small cages.


Ryan claims he is the victim of harassment, threats and abuse, (he is extremely vocal about these unfounded claims on his social media platforms), however, it appears this may not be the case.

Neighbours and local animal welfare groups have approached Ryan with concerns about the smell, noise coming from his flat and the welfare of the foxes in his care. Allegedly, this was met with verbal abuse and threats from Ryan. Many people have confirmed the same thing and had similar experiences when dealing with Ryan.

Although Ryan insists he is the victim.

 I don’t think a landlord trying to evict him and change the locks can be classed as a threat, neither can neighbours complaining about the noise and smell, neither can local animal rights groups trying to raise concerns, neither can the RSPCA trying to gain entry be classed as a threat, however, Ryan wrongly sees this as abuse and harassment.


Allegedly the RSPCA were called but Ryan refused to let them in, they returned but by this time Ryan had already done a runner.

Questions must be asked why Ryan refused to allow the RSPCA to check on the animals.


After researching through messages posted by Ryan on his social media platforms, there is very little evidence to suggest he has any plans to return these animals to the wild. Their life now consists of being locked up in small cages.

We have to ask, is this really helping these poor foxes?.



Where “Keep the Bounty” failed


1. Failing to protect their followers and subscribers from highly questionable money donation requests.

2. They were not a hospital, so the asking for donations to save a “so called” Fox Hospital and promoting this, was misrepresentation. Publicising they were a fox hospital when this was far from reality.

3. Failing to properly assess the situation when they visited the premises.

Example :  Did this “so called” Fox Hospital have proper rehabilitation facilities ie outdoor space, secured land, runs, slow release enclosures … or … just poor foxes being hoarded in cages in a small room. Were the premises in keeping with animal protection legislation/welfare Acts?.

4. Is the person (Ryan) providing care and administrating veterinary procedures trained or qualified to do so. Does he even have a basic NVQ Level 1 in animal care?.

5. Failing to look at the broader consequences of the donation request. i.e a mobile clinic that would keep these poor foxes caged up in a confined space.

6. Failing to provide details, name of director, location, charity status, approval or licensing details. Any genuine rescue centre/hospital would list these details.

7. Failing to notice that large sums of money had already been previously raised on various other platforms over the years for the same thing, a mobile clinic …. but this had never actually been purchased. Where did the money go?.

8. Ensuring that any fantasy dream of a hi-tech hospital was realistic, i.e land purchased, planning permission gained, a realistic business plan in place before asking people to part with their money.

9. Failing to check out the area for other local established facilities that already exist in the county or nearby. Ie  “Fox Project”, “South Essex Wildlife Hospital”.

10. Failing to assess what could be the outcome of animals in his care ie a lifetime of being locked up in small cages with prolonged suffering when vets had advised the animals be PTS.

11. Failing to be transparent about his charity status and if he had been turned down for this in the past.

12. Failing to ensure the person who ran this so called rescue fox hospital (Ryan) had any medical experience or qualifications, and most of all did he actually listen to vets advice or ignore it.?

13. Failing to ensure the person was operating with the correct licence or approval.

14. Failing to ascertain if the RSPCA was involved and trying to gain access to his property for which he claims he was then being harassed.

15. Should a request for donations to this place ever have been considered in the first place and was it highly irresponsible?.

16. Failure to respond quickly to raised concerns and remove the post.

17. Failure to offer to refund any money received.

18. Failure to ensure a non-conflict of interest, by setting up a donation promotion for a friend.


This is now a matter for Police, RSPCA and local licensing authority.
All these huge failings by “Keep the Bounty” has cast a huge shadow over their reputation, how they decide who gets the money that people have donated and what % actually goes to causes or is swallowed up in admin fees, expenses or wages they allocate themselves.

The misrepresentation and this whole scandal stinks of irresponsibility.


“Keep the Bounty” has to take full responsibility for this complete mess up and only hope that any future requests for donations will follow a strict, more transparent and responsible procedure, especially when they are taking the money (third party) and not directing linking to the cause’s own fund raiser.


Another example of third party donations :
H.I.T.s is an excellent undercover investigation team that exposes hunts for what they really are, they have always done wonderful work. Recently they have allowed “Keep the Bounty” access to their investigations.
“Keep the Bounty” recently set up their own Fund Me account for H.I.T.s  on their own page where people were encouraged to donate through them (third party).
I often feel it would be better to donate money directly to the H.I.T.s  team so they get all the money rather than go through a third party … or … even better, Keep the Bounty could promote and link directly to the H.I.T.s own Fund Me account.



So why does it matter / what’s the knock on effect


* It matters because this takes money away from genuine causes.

* It instils distrust in donating to animal causes.

* It highlights how unregulated the process is.

* Money has been gained under possible false pretences.

* It makes other foxy charities look bad.

* It undermines and casts a shadow over the hard work of other foxy groups/charities/rehabilitation centres.

* It encourages cow boy care and rehabilitation.

* It promoted foxes being kept in small cages without proper facilities.

* Makes it harder for genuine charities to operate.

* And most of all, it promoted a scam pulling at the heart strings of animal lovers to give money under false pretences.





Please, before you donate to what seems like good causes (non regulated rescue centres), please ensure they are either registered/licenced/approved/regulated to care for animals, they clearly show their name and address, you are certain their rehab facilities/practices are in keeping with the law and animals’ needs. They are registered as a charity. They have some form of experience and medical training and the money being asked for is in keeping with the cause.


It’s wonderful that people donate to animal causes but please ask questions before donating.

I hope the money already raised for “Fox Hospital” will either go to a good cause or be refunded. A large percentage should not go to paying someone’s wage or administration fees.


Please help the Police and RSPCA with their enquiries


It raises concerns when “Keep the Bounty” visited the site and didn’t find anything untoward with someone hoarding foxes in small cages with no outdoor facilities, no runs, no slow release enclosures, just a room full of foxes in cages. Shocking.


This is now a matter for Police, RSPCA, and Local Licensing Authority to ensure the welfare of these foxes and premises are not detrimental to the foxes health.

Running an unlicensed animal hoarding business from your spare room and keeping animals detrimental to their health & welfare is illegal. Its not surprising the landlord evicted Ryan.


“Keep the Bounty” are the only people who know the whereabouts of Ryan and the foxes (after he did a runner) and it would be helpful (for the foxes sake) if they informed the Police and RSPCA of his location. So far they have failed to do this.


Police Quote : “We need to locate where the animals are kept before we can either obtain a warrant or take action”.

So why aren’t “Keep the Bounty” helping with police enquiries?. 

We encourage “Keep the Bounty” to contact Essex police wildlife officer

Jed Raven (PC74879)
Rural Wildlife Officer
Essex Police HQ
PO Box 2

Tel : 101 Extension 161648

Email :  42074879@essex.pnn.police.uk
Email :  jed.raven2@essex.police.uk


We hope that “Keep the Bounty” will come to their senses and stop making excuses up for Ryan. It is so important for the sake of these foxes that this matter is urgently investigated.

Link  :  UPDATE  –  Fox Hospital Donation Scam – Ryan Rees Prichett

“The Animal Rights & Anti-Hunt Movement is all about exposing cruelty, lies and protecting animals from abuse or scams.  We are all about exposing those that participate, promote or support cruelty.

Wouldn’t we all be total hypocrites if we allowed this in our own back yard and turned a blind eye or tried to cover it up.

That would make us just as bad as the hunters”.

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