UPDATE – Fox Hospital Donation Scam

UPDATE Fox Hospital Donation Scam – Ryan Rees Prichett

Fox Hospital Scam

Link : Main exposé Scandal Article

Update on the scam donation request for a mobile fox clinic, previously promoted by KTB for the (so called) Fox Hospital.

Firstly, thank you to KTB for finally passing on the location of Ryan and the foxes to the RSPCA; we knew Ryan was a good friend of KTB and appreciate it must have been hard to divulge his location, but at least they did the right thing in the end for the sake of the foxes.

However, this doesn’t stop Ryan being tipped off and doing another runner.

We have been inundated, firstly will complaints about the scam donation appeal, then thanks for exposing this scam.

Of course, after the exposé, we were expecting a few disgruntled KTB twitter groupies who it seemed would have preferred it to be all covered up.
Don’t you just hate this sort of ideology. The turn a blind eye brigade who want to cover everything up.

Just to clarify
: It took over a week of pressure to finally get KTB to take down the scam donation appeal posts from their pages (Not 48hrs). Pressure from a published exposé article and hundreds of complaints to get KTB to finally see sense. Such a shame this hadn’t been more forthcoming, thus the exposé article could have been avoided.

We were bewildered when KTB made a misleading follow up statement implying they took down the appeal within 48hrs and removed posts.


Contradiction : But don’t worry, their good friend Ryan to the rescue, explaining why it took KTB over a week to respond and take down the appeal from their pages (Strange that they have kept in touch with each other after taking thousands of pounds off people, you would think that KTB would want to distance themselves from this huge mistake).

Anyway, Rob was “apparently” on holiday and it seems KTB “Head of social media” (Amy Schouwenburg) couldn’t remove a post off their site, however, they managed to quickly removed any posts in the appeal threads that questioned the appeal.
(also strange how Rob could keep Ryan fully updated on his holiday but couldn’t respond to hundreds of complaints or remove a post).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford holidays off the back of donations received.

Holiday quote Ryan

Our friend

Givey : The platform that hosted the donation appeal (Givey.com) took the appeal down after receiving hundreds of public complaints. We asked Givey to confirm that all accounts (donation appeals) for Fox Hospital and various other accounts Ryan has under various names have been cancelled. They confirmed they were making checks.

Givey confirmation

It’s shocking that KTB tried reinstating it on several occasions while claiming technical difficulties and trying to disguise the appeal under different names (i.e adopt a fox for £2). It finally got removed from most of their promotion pages after a week. We believe there are still active links to this appeal.

We do not think trying to reinstate the appeal or trying to disguise it under another name can be classed as responding appropriately.

Same appeal eddited

Poor fox looks in so much pain and discomfort being used for a photo opportunity.

We were also appalled when KTB claimed they saw nothing “untoward” with hoarding poor foxes caged in a small room in a flat  24/7 with no outdoor facilities.

Concerns were raised about Ryan two years ago
(as confirmed by Ryan himself on social media) : Concerns about Ryan and the foxes were raised two years ago. We are surprised KTB failed to mention this to people before deciding to run the donation appeal. Neither did they mention that the RSPCA had been previously trying to gain access and Ryan wouldn’t let them examine the foxes, or that the landlord was trying to evict Ryan and change the locks. Instead, KTB decided to misrepresent the situation and promote it as “Fox Hospital under Attack”.

We hoped that KTB would have responded quicker. Lots of emails, messages and phone calls were ignored but at least they got there in the end. It’s a shame it took an exposé article to force them into action. We were hoping to avoid this.

Every minute the appeal was running and being promoted by KTB, more people were being conned out of money. Urgent action was needed and KTB just wasn’t providing that.

A few people have asked why we had to go public with this issue. We thought long and hard about this decision. After consulting with various people, we felt we had no alternative after requests to take down the appeal were being ignored by KTB. We can only say that if KTB had addressed the donation scam quickly in the first instance, it wouldn’t have been necessary to publish an exposé article.

We hope they will respond quicker to complaints next time.

We just put together all that was already public knowledge and our main concern was to help the foxes.

The article achieved its purpose :

* Donation appeal finally got taken down after over a week of pressure i.e “the continuation of taking peoples money for a misrepresented appeal”.

* The location of the foxes has now finally been forwarded to the RSPCA for them to assess the foxes welfare.

* KTB have finally recognised they made a mistake and will review the donation allocation procedure, honesty and transparency. Well they half did anyway but that’s a start.

* A fox hoarder (Ryan Rees Prichett) now under the spotlight and his donation scams are now being looked into and taken down.

It is sad that KTB had to be forced into action publicly. We wished it could have been avoided but their cooperation wasn’t forthcoming in the first week.

Mobile Fox Clinic : What on earth were people thinking donating to put foxes into a mobile melting box. Obviously, they haven’t stood in the back of a converted luton box for long, boiling hot in summer, freezing cold in winter and a life confined to small cages being thrown around in the back of a box. Also, this would have encouraged Ryan to keep doing runners carting poor foxes around the country every time he got reported or evicted by landlords.

Basically a quick get away vehicle for Ryan to keep doing a runner.

Example of a luton box

They wanted to raise £300,000 for this type of thing. Really ? What a complete scam.

Luton box example

Proposal : If KTB really wanted to help these poor foxes, why on earth didn’t they put together a sensible appeal.

Example : money for a sanctuary for these foxes run by a more suitable person, bit of land for a safe slow release program, encourage Ryan to place the foxes in specialist existing centres and donating to those properly licenced/run establishments or countless other suggestions we could think of.

Sadly, this seemed purely a scam to help their mate out, all about getting Ryan some more money with no thought to the foxes.

KTB honesty and transparency about their Fox Hospital donation appeal has been highly questionable.

We could comment more on KTB’s statement and involvement, their support for this scam and their initial reluctance to take it down, but we now feel enough has been said.
This will be our last report mentioning KTB.

KTB did the right thing in the end (after it was exposed)
so we are now hoping we can let their involvement in this scam drop and thank them for finally giving up Ryan’s location to RSPCA.

Our main concern was for the welfare of these poor foxes

Update on Ryan : Even though Ryan’s current location has been forwarded to RSPCA, there was nothing stopping him being tipped off and moving again. He knows he doesn’t have to cooperate with RSPCA without a warrant or he could take the foxes to a temporary, more pleasing location (temporary photo opportunity) to be assessed by the RSPCA, then after assessment, back to business as normal.

So we may have to step up our campaign and get more authorities involved. We are hoping this won’t be necessary and he will allow the RSPCA access and to continue to monitor the foxes. He now has thousands and thousand of pounds to live off and keep moving around.

We have been informed he now has the foxes stored on an industrial unit base, how long he stays there before doing another runner is anyone’s guess.

Unbelievable (what a complete p**s take)

Ryan who is believed to be on UC benefits (or maybe just claimed he was for sympathy?)  registered himself for VAT.  To register yourself for VAT you need to be on over £85,000 a year according to the HMRC.  This surely needs looking into by authorities.

VAT Registered Ryan 002

Ryan at the moment is quickly trying to delete all incriminating evidence off his social media. Too late, we already have it all screenshot thanks to my research team.

If any one sees Ryan’s van around South Essex area, please make a note of location as we are sure the RSPCA will want to keep an eye on this situation, if they can keep track of him.

Ryan and Van

“The Animal Rights & Anti-Hunt Movement is all about exposing cruelty, lies and protecting animals from abuse or scams. We are all about exposing those that participate, promote or support cruelty.

Wouldn’t we all be total hypocrites if we allowed this in our own back yard and turned a blind eye or tried to cover it up.

That would make us just as bad as the hunters”.

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