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Accidental Activist


More than just Badgers

◆ Phillip Davies of the Country Side Alliance unmasked

The Hunting Act – A Quick Guide Part 1

The Hunting Act – A Quick Guide Part 2

◆ 6 reasons why hunts go unprosecuted for illegal activities

◆ One rule for them, one rule for us

Fitzwilliam and John Mease Case
3 April 2018 :
9 April 20018 :

◆ Conflict of Interest

◆ Nice try but No

Backfire of the year : Citronella Oil

◆ Going viral : Fitzwilliam chaos in Upwood

◆ Complete Lies : National Trust misleads voters

◆ More Police Bias time for a change

◆ Sense Prevails : (Aug 2017) The trustees of the League Against Cruel Sports voted unanimously to keep their investigation team and in doing so overruled the intentions of the current senior management team.

◆ Hit and Miss : (July 2017) Moscar Estate & What’s happening at the League Against Cruel Sports

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