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to Boris Johnson’s suggestion that animal welfare organisations and groups could be classed as extremists.


Link : Mirror Article

The Prime Minister told the Countryside Alliance (CA)

(a group that supports and promotes hunting) that animal welfare groups could face rules drafted for domestic terror organisations.

The CA group say they asked him: “Will you commit to implementing measures to counter animal rights extremism, including any relevant recommendations from the Government’s Commission for Countering Extremism, which is due to report this summer?”

CA Tweet

Boris Johnson suggested extremism rules developed to tackle domestic terrorism could be applied to anti-foxhunting protesters.

Mr Johnson told the pro-hunting group that activists who disrupt their events (Illegal Hunting) could face rules developed by the Government in response to recommendations by the Commission for Countering Extremism.

Mr Johnson made the suggestion in answer to a question from the Countryside Alliance during his leadership campaign.

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I think it is fair to say that Boris Johnson is well known for trying to play both sides without an ounce of sincerity to either and purely for his own agenda.

He has been known to write two speeches i.e. his famous leave & remain speeches totally contradicting one another, ready to play both sides.

On one hand, he is trying to appeal to the animal lovers of this country by stating (lip service) that he is committed to protecting animal welfare (please note : this does not include farm or wild animals) ….. while on the other hand suggesting ways that animal welfare groups that oppose animal cruelty could be arrested by classing them as extremists under rules designed for countering terrorists.

Once again, Boris Johnson shows himself as a grand master at contradiction and misleading two tone statements.

He seems to prey on the gullible, telling people what he thinks they want to hear to gain their support and vote.

Sadly, it seems we live in a country with a government that supports the illegal torture of animals by suggesting ways that animal welfare groups and organisations could be classed as extremists, allowing hunts to continue illegally hunting.
Welcome to Boris Britain.

Hunt Supporter :

Boris Johnson is a well known hunt supporter and repeatedly voted against a ban on fox hunting in the early 2000s, when he was MP for Henley.

As London mayor, he suggested introducing hunting in the capital, saying: “This will cause massive unpopularity but I don’t care.”

So why do the majority of Conservative MPs support hunting ?


…. Link : Canary Article

Boris Johnson’s second largest donor in 2019, Johan Christofferson, is a hunter and hedge fund manager with a controversial past. Even the Spectator said this could “come back to haunt” the leadership candidate.

£36,000 in donations

Johan Christofferson is a partner in hedge fund management firm Christofferson, Robb & Co. He has also been the joint master of a hunt prosecuted for illegal hunting.

In 2019, Christofferson has been Johnson’s second largest donor.

Electoral Commission records show Christofferson has made two donations to Johnson so far in 2019. There was a £20,000 donation, which Johnson accepted on 15 January, and a £16,000 donation accepted on 6 March.


* Please also note : The Bamfords [who own the JCB group] are not just a massive donor to Johnson personally but also hugely to the Conservative party and that they are closely associated with the Heythrop FH, of which Sir Anthony’s wife, Carol Bamford, is a member. Bamford donations this century total many million pounds, from both the JCB company and individual family members.

Does the question of which UK laws are upheld in this country depend on who makes donations to the Tory party ?

Should the parliamentary standards commissioner be looking more closely into people making donations who are linked to fox hunting or other illegal activity?

Link : accused
A Scottish Labour official accused Christofferson’s donations as being “clearly designed to influence the decision to repeal the ban”.

Christofferson is also former joint master of the Isle of Wight Hunt and, in 2004, was banned from taking part for a month.

The ruling by the Master of Foxhounds Association came after hunters left animal carcasses in Brighton during a Labour Party conference.

Christofferson also made personal donations to Nick Herbert MP, the Tory minister for police and criminal justice, including one of £10,000 in 2009.

Hunting wildlife with dogs is illegal

The “Hunting with Dogs Act 2004” came into force in February 2005.

Sadly, this Act is so weak and full of loopholes that it allows hunts to continue illegal hunting and avoid prosecution.

The government refuses to close the loop holes and strengthen this Act.

I wonder why? Do donations from foxhunters have anything to do with it? It is surprising what you can buy when you are wealthy and love hunting.

Is the problem that the majority of his cabinet support hunting ?

Andrea Leadsom banner

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The Problem with the Hunting Act

Prosecution is difficult because of the ridiculous requirement of evidence needed to show “intent” – a loop hole which CPS & judges seem to have created and has caused a lot of problems with prosecution and policing.

Hunting is one of the few illegal activities where the courts require “intent” to be proven in order to enable a prosecution, with hunting criminals protected more than the animals they kill.

Despite video evidence showing hunts chasing foxes, the CPS & Judges require evidence to prove a hunt was “intentionally” chasing an animal with dogs/hounds.

So, a video of a hunt illegally chasing a wild animal is not enough; they also want the video to show it was intentional too.

Even when evidence is presented of hunts using their hunting horn (device used to communicate and control the hounds) to encourage the hounds on to chase a fox … or … recklessly allowing hounds to chase a fox without trying to stop them, the CPS (who is governed by Geoffrey Cox QC Attorney General) still refuse to accept or understand this evidence.

Imagine : A video clearly showing a man killing someone is not good enough; the video has to show the man wanting to intentionally kill someone too. This is how messed up the law is on hunting.

Can you imagine if all our other UK laws where based on acts being intentional?

Example : Would murderers, rapists, thieves claim “oops” they didn’t mean to intentionally murder or steal something, it was an accident and get away without being prosecuted.

If a drunk driver kills someone, it does not matter if this was intentional or not, they are prosecuted.

Sadly, there seem to be double standards in the law. If it was a case about hare coursing (chasing hares with dogs) committed by the not-so-influential ordinary members of the public, the police and legal system seem to have a different approach and views.

Every week, fox hunts around the country go out with a pack of hounds purposely trained to kill and seek out foxes, in areas known to be inhabited by foxes, allow their hounds to chase and kill these animals, while they hang back (tactic). Hunts then claim they didn’t intentionally hunt a fox, it was an accident and the courts say ok without questioning their reason for being there or not having control of their hounds which results in the reckless killing of foxes, hares, deer, and minks.

When is a law not a law? It seems when the government hunt supporters decide they don’t like it and it could interfere with their donations.

The law is the law and no government in power should be allowed to cherry pick which laws they are committed to upholding.

Note : In this article, we have purposely not mentioned trail hunting as it is not worth giving any time to a lie and fake claim made by hunts. But if you wish to know more about this mythical claim, follow the link Truth about Trail Hunting

Cub Hunting

In August, many hunts around the country will start Cub Hunting. This is where they train inexperienced hounds to chase and kill fox cubs. Hunt riders will surround a wooded area/ covert containing a fox den where a vixen and her cubs will be, the hounds will be sent in to gain the taste for blood.

If you wish to know more about this, follow the link Truth about Cub Hunting

Strengthening the Hunting Act

What is actually needed is for the Hunting Act to be amended and strengthened, the loop holes closed, correctly policed, and with sufficient fines and prison sentences to deter illegal hunting.

Policing Hunts

Due to a lack of police presence on hunting days preventing hunts from illegally hunting, sadly these hunts now have to be monitored by members of the public i.e Animal welfare organisations and groups to prevent hunts illegally hunting.

Hunts and their supporters react violently to any person who tries to film them conducting their illegal activity.

These voluntary animal welfare monitors & groups are subjected to extreme abuse, intimidation, physical attacks, with hunts using their horses and whips as weapons, threats to themselves and families.

They are there doing the job the police are failing to do.
Warning : Shows hunt violence attacking members of the public.

Photo link : Hunts attacking members of the public

Video Link : Hunts attacking members of the public

It is these animal welfare groups who are trying to save animals that Boris Johnson is suggesting are classed as terrorists to prevent them gaining evidence of his friends’ illegal hunting.

It is important to note that his suggestion could also mean that any public protest march raising concerns over government failings could be targeted and classed as extremist.

Obviously, hunts don’t like themselves being filmed illegally killing wildlife and resort to disgusting violence and tactics to prevent this.

Hunts and their followers like to call themselves country folk now and believe they are above the law with the right to do what they wish in the countryside but in fact they are nothing more than thugs.

Face covering : Let me clear up a misunderstanding and explain why some of these public monitors/sabs are forced to cover their faces.

These public volunteers give up their free time in wind, rain, snow (unpaid at their own expense) to collect evidence and try to stop the hunts illegally killing wildlife.

Hunts work on violence & intimidation, trying to prevent monitors gaining evidence and will resort to threatening their families and jobs. Hence, to protect their identity, some volunteers have to cover their faces.
“It is as simple as that”


Hunt Violence and Convictions

Hunts like to claim they are the innocent party trying to enjoy their following of an artificial trail and do not hunt foxes or violently attack monitors.
Below is just a few samples of hunts and their followers convicted of violence and illegal hunting, proving hunts are violent towards any persons who tries to gain evidence of their illegal activity.

1-3 convictions

4-6 convictions

7-9 convictions

10-12 convictions

13-15 convictions

16-18 convictions

19-21 convictions

22-24 convictions

25-27 convictions

28-30 convictions

Please tell us again Boris, who are the real terrorists of the countryside ?

You shouldn’t believe everything that hunts claim no matter how many donations you receive.

hunts running riot


Back to Boris

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Is this the start of Dictatorship Britain where your right to raise your concerns and protest against animal abuse are made illegal?

Will Boris Johnson be bringing out his water cannons against the good people of this country who are trying to stop illegal animal cruelty?

It is important that all MPs ensure laws designed for countering terrorism are not twisted by Boris Johnson’s government and used against good people who have a right to voice their concerns, protest against animal cruelty and stop illegal animal abuse. All which his government does nothing to stop.

Stopping illegal hunting and animal cruelty is what 85% of the country want, which includes the protection of farm and wild animals.

Start listening Boris or your term in office may be very short. Nobody likes an animal abuse supporter, it is toxic and getting on the wrong side of millions and millions of animal lovers is not a good move.

Video evidence links

These videos are just a small selection of hunts causing criminal damage to cars, ramming into monitor cars, using their horses and whips as weapons, blocking roads, abuse, intimidation, threats and violence.

Thank you 003
Warning : Some of these evidence videos may shock you.

Shocking video of hunt supporter trying to ram a monitors car off the road then surround it followed by a violent attack.

Masked up hunt supporters surround monitors car blocking their exit and intimidating

Farmer attacks monitors on a public road in tractor dumping manure on their car

Hunt rider violently pushes monitor in face

Farmer violently rams his tractor into monitors vehicle into a ditch while passengers are in car.

Hunt supporters attack League Against Cruel Sports professional investigator who were attacked whilst monitoring a fox hunt on behalf of the animal welfare charity leaving him with a broken neck down an embankment.

Hunt terriermen attack monitors vehicle with pitchfork on a public highway

Grafton hunt member illegally blocks road to stop monitors getting past.

Hunt rider galloping dangerously on public highway trying to block monitors car

Member of hunt drives dangerously trying to prevent monitors car getting passed.

More videos available here.



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