Hunts Chasing Foxes

Warning : This gallery may show graphic videos which some viewers may find upsetting.

The truth about hunting caught on video

These are just a small selection of some of the videos capturing illegal activity of hunts and the cruelty involved. Thousands & thousands of videos are posted online. The hunts claim they are all accidents. Thankfully hundreds of prosecutions have proved hunts are lying but because of loop holes in the law allow this activity to continue.

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Hunts Chasing Foxes

Image The Devon & Somerset Staghounds19-04-2018
19-04-2018 : The Devon & Somerset Staghounds claim to hunt under the ‘Observation and Research’ exemption. This fake research claim gives them a legal basis on which they can hunt and kill red deer just as they did before the hunting ban.
On October 21st 2017, Cheshire Monitors filmed what they (and Cheshire Police) believed to be clear evidence of illegal hunting in the village of Tiverton in Cheshire; in this instance, cub hunting.
“Ask yourself this, if this is legal trail hunting:
• Why would a trail layer run through Woodland Trust land where all hunting with hounds is banned?
• Why didn’t we see a trail layer all day?
• Why are the hunt holding up a hedgerow where we later found a blocked sett/earth?
• Why did the Whipper-in scare a fox back into Woodland Trust land where he knew hounds were hunting?
• Why were the hunt allowing their hounds to hunt in Woodland Trust land in the first place?
• What was the Whipper in pointing to when the hounds went into cry… you can’t point out a false trail!!?
• Why did the huntsman encourage hounds to chase the fox?
• Why did the terrier men on their quads rush to the scene?
• Why did the hunt run away when they had been discovered?”
Illegally Hunting Foxes
23 December 2014 : West Street Fox Hunt – Hunting Foxes
Image Shocking moment fox is ‘hunted’ by pack of hounds and ‘killed’ This shocking video was filmed back in November 2017 at the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt and captured the moment and fox was ‘hunted and killed’
“East Kent Sabs : On 11th November 2017, members of the East Kent Hunt Saboteurs witnessed the gruesome death of another fox by a so called “”trail hunt.”
The incident happened near the village of Collier Street near Maidstone in Kent, when a pack of hounds from the Ashford Valley Tickham hunt chased and killed a fox”
Deer hunting on NT land
Hunting deer with a pack of hounds is illegal, but the National Trust insist they don’t allow illegal hunting on their land
Stag hunting
March 2018 : The reality of illegal stag hunting and the loop holes in the law which allow hunts to avoid prosecution.
Image Hunts hunting foxes
The huntsman sends his pack of hounds into a wooded area to hunt, while hunt riders position themselves around the wood to help prevent the fox from escaping. And the public are mislead into believing hunting is banned and there are laws to protect our wildlife.
Image Ledbury Hunt Hunting
(Three Counties Hunt Sabs) : 6 March 2015 : Ledbury Hunt – chasing foxes and blocking badger setts
Image Portman Hunt chasing foxes
(National Dis-trust) : Portman Hunt Chasing foxes. This is the same hunt who recently got let off illegal hunting charges.
Image Beauford 24-02-18 Trails gone to ground
(Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch) : Beauford Hunt allowing hounds to chase foxes to ground
Image Cotty Vile Huntley
(Welsh Border Hunt Sabs) : 10 March 2018 : The Cotswolds vile have now done away with all pretence of hunting within the law and are now opting for blatant hunting with a healthy dose of violence and aggression.
Image North Cotswold terriermen
(Three Counties Hunt Sabs) : North Cotswold terriermen attempt dig-out at active badger sett
Image Cotswold Hunt, 14th Jan 2017
“(Three Counties Hunt Sabs) : A few weeks ago, the Cotswold Hunt blocked setts in this area before a meet. Just a week earlier many of the same setts had been blocked by the Heythrop Hunt, and the same foxes faced being hunted once again.
With the police having come out to unblock the sett entrances and keep an eye on the hunt, a tactic now used when hunts are worried about being caught they now get their supporters to stand around the setts, to prevent foxes going to ground and seeking refuge, then claim to be just having a conversation while standing around.
Image Cheshire Forest Hunt – Hatton – 20/01/18
(Cheshire Hunt Sabs) : Theres one reason hunt riders surround a wooded area, to chase any fleeing foxes back into the wood where hounds are waiting. Why would this hunt send in a pack of hounds into an area where occupied fox earths are present. Total blantant regards for the law.
Image The Beaufort Hunt chases a fox across a churchyard and onto a badger sett, 17th March 2018
(Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch) : Beauford Hunt stands by and makes no attempt to stop hounds illegally chasing fox through churchyard after blowing horn to encourage hounds. Fox tried to escape to ground but all sets & dens have been blocked in. This confirms that this hunt does not lay scent trails.
Image Eggesford Hunt chase a fox to ground
(Devon County Hunt Sabs) : 17-03-18 : The Eggesford Hunt had hunted a fox to ground. The hunt were unaware we were in the area until we arrived at the earth to stop them. If we hadn’t been there, this fox would have been dug out and killed. Huntsman Jason Marles’s explanation was that a ‘trail’ had been laid right up to and ending at the earth
Image Grove and Rufford illegally hunt in nature reserves
Grove and Rufford illegally hunt in nature reserves. Hunts pretending to follow a trail.
Image More scenes from the Grafton
More scenes from the Grafton hunting in Whittlewood Forest close to the A5 on the Wakefield Estate – Saturday 10 March 2018 – Hunting, blocking road, abuse & intimindation
Image Grove and Rufford illegally hunt in nature reserves
“(Notts Hunt Sabs) : On Saturday a couple of us were also keeping an eye on the Grove and Rufford who met at the Burnell Arms, Winkburn.
Three members of the hunt, including huntsman Paul Larby and terrier man Pete White, are in court this week appealing their convictions for illegal hunting.
On Saturday they trespassed repeatedly in two nature reserves belonging to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Larby was actively hunting his hounds in the reserves.”
Image Hare Hunting
“(League Against Cruel Sports) : Hunting hares with dogs is illegal, but it still happens on a regular basis.
This footage, taken by our investigators, shows what seems to be a hare being pursued by the Eton College beagles.”
Image Fox Hunting: How to break the law and get away with it. Part 2
(West Mids Hunt Sabs) : David Whitehouse former Chief Superintendent of Warwickshire Police is also a regular supporter of the Warwickshire Hunt. Whitehouse was part of the police for 35 years leaving only four years ago. Might this explain why the Warwickshire Hunt and other hunts in Warwickshire (such as the Atherstone) have avoided prosecution during his time as a serving officer? Would this not have been a conflict of interest?
Image Oxfordshire anti hunt campaigners film fox with hounds
“(BBC) : Anti hunt campaigners have filmed footage of themselves retrieving a fox from a group of hounds during a hunt in Oxfordshire.
The hunt monitors, lead by Judy Gilbert, said if they had not been there the dogs would have killed the fox. 12 Nov 2012. The hunt denied the incident dispite the video evidence showing otherwise.
Image Ledbury Hunt
(Three Counties Sabs) : The Ledbury met at Gadbury Bank in Eldersfield today in the Gloucestershire cull zone (an area which is owned by them). They drew a blank there so quickly moved on to Pigeon House Farm. It was there that a brace (2 foxes) fled from the undergrowth away from Tim Pearce May (whipper in) who was trying to frighten them in the traditional way by slapping his whip onto his boot. One of these foxes was very clearly caught on camera and can be seen in the video
Image Horrendous noise coming from the fox hunt
So as I left mine to go to the gym you could hear the most horrendous noise from fox hunting so obviously I ran over to all of the commotion.
Image Grafton Hunt caught hunting again
We don’t need to say much about this video as its pretty self explanatory. Grafton Hunt are caught frightening a fox out of a wood, shouting “Tally Ho” (used when they sight a fox) and then the huntsman blows his horn to encourage the hounds onto the fox. Hunt supporters can be heard saying “You missed it my gal”
Image Warwichshire Hunt – 17th Feb 2018
“On Saturday 17th February a member of the public sent us photos and an explanation of what they saw when they came across the Warwickshire Hunt near Stratford Upon Avon. They themselves wrote that they hadn’t seen a fox hunt before but what they believed they were witnessing was a fox being hunted by hounds encouraged on by the Huntsman and terrier-man.
This video speaks for itself filmed 3 days after a member of the public witnessed them hunting. AGAIN we ask why the National Trust are allowing the Warwickshire Hunt onto their land given all the evidence filmed and accounts given by ourselves and other members of the public to what this hunt are doing.
We have been exposing the Warwickshire Hunt from September 2017. We have witnessed and filmed numerous foxes being chased, hounds on main roads, hunt trespass, hounds rampaging through private back gardens and violence towards us.
Image Warwickshire Hunt – 3rd Feb 2018
“Warwickshire Hunt – Saturday 3rd Feb 2018
On Saturday the Warwickshire Hunt hunted around Barton-on-the-Heath near Morton-in-Marsh before making their way north towards Todenham and Stretton-on-Fosse hunting close to the busy A429. At one point members of the hunt rode up and down the A429 holding up traffic as they expected motorists to wait for them whilst they hunted. NB the people in the hi vis jackets are members of the hunt.
Image Essex Hunt 09 Dec 2017
At one point the hounds chased a fox from one covert to another across a road but sabs quickly intervened and stayed close to the hounds, sprayed the ground with citronella and tried to call the hounds off. In this confusion the hounds lost the scent. During this incident the huntsman just watched and made no effort to call his hounds off.
evidence that convicted the Heythrop Hunt (film 1)
evidence that convicted the Heythrop Hunt (film 2) fox chase at Bourton on Water
Grafton hunt trespass Abthrope 10-10-16
Illegal Fox Hunting? Grafton Hunt
Grafton Hunt chase three foxes over two days
The Grafton Hunt chasing yet more foxes – 11 years after the ban
Grafton – chasing foxes like there’s no ban
Heythrop Hunt CONVICTED! (Film 1) Fox kill at Peasewell Wood.
This film formed part of the prosecution’s evidence that was shown in court
Cheshire Forest Hunt hunting a fox in Kingsley near Frodsham
On 2nd January 2017, Cheshire Monitors witnessed the Cheshire Forest Hunt hunting a fox in Kingsley near Frodsham (see Cheshire Police did their utmost to bring about a prosecution of this hunt, for this incident and also after being caught hunting and killing a fox very publicly in Macclesfield
A Fox is killed by hounds from the Ledbury hunt.
Hounds trespass and kill a fox on private property
Monitor witnesses fox being killed whilst attending a meet of the Melbreak Foxhounds
Quorn hunt cubbing
Quorn cub hunting
Illegal hunting?
Image Blatant fox hunting?
Grafton hunt following their imaginary hunt trails with hounds all over public main road.
Image Grafton caught fox hunting again
Image DOCUMENTARY – The Real Face of Fox Hunting. 50 Mins.
Documenting some of our time with the Atherstone Hunt last season.
Image Fox rearing and illegal hunting at the Pytchley Hunt
Illegal Hunting?
Jedforest Hunt illegal fox hunting footage
Fox Kill
A Fox is killed by hounds from the Ledbury hunt
Image Hunts feeding foxes
Hunts feeding foxes to encourage foxes to vist, breed and stay in area where the hunts will be hunting
Image Cheshire Hunt send hounds into wood with artificial fox earth
At a meet of the Cheshire Forest at the Hatton arms on 18/1/2018, Andrew German sent his hounds into a woodland next to the M56. When sabs entered the woodland they found the hounds all over an artificial fox earth, used By hunts to encourage and breed foxes.
Image Fox hunted at the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt
(West Mids Hunt Sabs) : This is footage was filmed by ourselves a few seasons ago at the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt which shows blatant foxhunting and sabs having to guard the active badger sett that the fox went to ground in.
Image Warwickshire Hunt CAUGHT ON CAMERA hunting a fox
(West Mids Hunt Sabs) : We filmed the hunt flushing a fox from a wood. Huntsman Will Goffe can then be seen following the route the fox had taken out the wood with hounds. A hunt supporter then points out to him which direction it ran. Goffe then blows his horn to hunt the hounds on after the fox. The hounds the chase after the fox on the exact route taken by the fox.

Warning : This gallery may show graphic videos which some viewers may find upsetting.
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  3. Videos – Attacks, Abuse, Intimidation on the Public by Hunts
  4. Videos – How Hunts Treat their Horses
  5. Videos – Biased Policing
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