Current political landscape

Where do we currently stand on animal rights within the political landscape ?


The Tories : As you all know, the majority of Tory MPs have a long standing reputation of supporting hunting, shooting and enabling many cruel activities to continue.

We can safely say animal welfare (care), rights and protection is the last thing on the Tories minds.


But it would be unfair to label all Tories as disgusting.

Out of 365 Tory MPs, approximately 30 of them claim to be for animal rights and against hunting.

But sadly this means nothing when they ALL vote against bills that secure animal protection.

Shame on them!


What happened to the Tory promises to :

  • Strengthen sentences for animal abusers ?
  • Protect animal welfare standards in trade deals ?
  • Improve the environment ?
  • Ban moor burning ?


I don’t hear the 30ish Tory MPs who claim to be for animal rights shouting out about this, nor do we hear the opposition challenging this. Maybe we need to bring in Piers Morgan to hold them to account.


One thing for sure while we have a Tory government, stronger animal protection laws will always be a farce.


Some naive people believe a bit of pillow talk from Boris’s fiancée Carrie Symonds is going to save the day for animal rights. So far this has amounted to nothing with the Tories increasing their war on animal protection.


Never trust a Tory.


This brings us to what’s happening in the Labour party


If you follow politics, you will have noticed that all is not happy in the Labour party at the moment.


Even the most devoted labour party supporters are raising concerns about the new leader Keir Starmer and the direction to the right the party is sliding to.


Labour : Last year, under a socialist leader (JC), Labour produced a wonderful animal rights manifesto.

We all went into overdrive trying to promote these excellent pledges to protect animals.


These pledges would right the wrongs of the last right leaning Labour leader Tony Blair, who (by his own admission) sabotaged the hunting act and then went on to say in his memoirs, the passing of the hunting act (or what was left of it after his interference) was his biggest mistake.


This has led many to question whether Blair was really a socialist with socialist values or a right leaning centrist tory in disguise.


Centrists : Some people say right leaning centrists in the labour party are not true labour but tories in disguise holding many Tory traits.


The problem with right leaning centrists is you never know where they actually stand, what they represent, if they will jump left or right depending on who is funding them and if you can truly trust them.


They tend to pick and choose just the things that they personally like, tend to hold many Tory traits and often have selective eyesight (turning a blind eye).


¨ Socialist you know they are for the people.


¨ Tories you know they are selfish capitalists and for self gain.


¨ Centrists, who knows what they represent.


The concern : So its not surprising people are very cautious of a new right leaning labour leader Keir Starmer and if he will uphold the Labour parties manifesto. So far he is proving to be another Blair like right leaning labour MP.


left and right scale

Now considering labour’s whole foundation as a party is socialist values (for the people, workers rights, environment and animal welfare), many people argue should right leaning centrists like Starmer or Blair even be in the Labour party.


The Labour party was taken over by centrist Blairites in the 90s and most Labour party voters accepted this take over because it got the tories out, but sadly opened up the party to right leaning Tory traits.

It’s debatable if centrists got the tories out or peoples desperation to rid the country of Thatcherism.


What we do know so far is that Starmer has started a selective war on socialists.

He has already back-tracked on promises to uphold some policies and seems to be determined to rid the labour party of socialists.

This has completely divided the labour party and provoked uncertainty regarding other labour policies.

Is the labour party under Starmer now going back to the Blairite years ?


What is important to many of us is that any new Labour leader upholds the animal rights manifesto, social values, cares about people and doesn’t become a puppet for the people who fund him. This leaves a big question mark over Starmer.


Where does this leave Labour’s Animal Rights manifesto ?

Starmer has stated he will support this manifesto.


So what’s the problem. ?


Trust : Being another right leaning centrists, like Tony Blair, people are not sure if they can trust Starmer.

Some animal lovers are cautious of repeating the same mistakes of trusting another right leaning centrist with animal rights protection.


Anyone that Tony Blair supports and advocates it is wise to be put them on the uncertainty list until their true intentions are crystal clear.


Example : Tony Blair chose to listen to his foxhunting Tory supporters rather than listen to 85% of the British population who wanted to see hunting fully banned.


So far, Starmer has proved he can be a devious mover, but sadly not in the right direction.


When we have labour supporting media such as The Canary and Rachael Swindon who are raising concerns about Starmer, then its time to look deeper. These are big anti-hunt supporting media.


Is Starmer actually holding the Tories to account : Starmer comes across as a composed intelligent talker but seems to lack the oomph to actually hold the Tories to account.

Boris is getting away with blue murder as he’s ripping through all animal and people’s rights.


Starmer just seems to be busy infighting with labour members and trying to rid the labour party of socialists and anyone who disagrees with his backers the Israeli lobby.


Starmer has had a few good moments in parliament (without the tory circus present) but when all the fog has settled, hasn’t amounted to much.

The tories are still doing exactly what they want with no accountability.

Will a quiet squeaky voiced leader be heard above the bellowing of the tory circus rabble. ? or do we need Piers Morgan to give him some pointers.


It seems Starmer is not the type to rock the establishment, hence why they approve of him. This in itself raises another big concern if he’s just another bought puppet working the establishments agenda.?


Sadly : The Tories seem to have dug in deep and because of their devious plotting to avoid scrutiny, it looks like we, unfortunately have to suffer them for another five years.

We therefore have five years to make our minds up about Keir Starmer and what we don’t want is to repeat the same mistakes backing another right leaning centrist (Blair) who, 15 years ago sabotaged (by his own admission) the Hunting Act to please the tory pro-hunt supporters. So we can’t blame people for now being cautious.


If Starmer proves to be totally trustworthy and a real animal rights advocate (i.e not another tory in disguise) then it would be good for the sake of our animal welfare to support him.


* But until his intentions are crystal clear with-in the labour party, the verdict is still out on Starmer.


(Some people think he’s wonderful, some people think he’s just another right leaning tory in disguise type. Im sure time will tell).


Support for labour : I have always been a life long labour supporter and animal rights campaigner; i support labour, campaign for labour and will always vote for labour. Leaders and MPs come and go, even if sometimes we do have to hold our noses when voting and don’t always agree with the current leader.


Maybe I care too much, which always leads me to question what doesn’t appear right.

I loathe liars, backstabbers, devious plotters, people with hidden agendas, people who turn blind eye to wrong doings and bought people, as they have zero morals.


Some people believe we should turn a blind eye to Starmer’s questionable antics, right leaning stance and hold our noses, but doesn’t this make us just as bad as the Tory voters who turned a blind eye to Bojo’s antics ? do we lose our morals and become just as bad as the tories buying into dirty politics.


This is one reason people are not rushing to support Starmer but are sensibly waiting.


People should not be bullied or subjected to witch hunts.


Recently we witnessed some despicable bullying tactic behaviour by certain individuals trying to coerce people into making their minds up, claiming if we don’t get behind Starmer now, we are either tories or not for animal rights (ridiculous and offensive claim to make).


Even stooping so low to lie and suggest life long labour supporters and animal rights campaigners are trying to encourage people to vote tory (the thought makes me physically sick).


It’s ridiculous to suggest this just because many people have not yet made their minds up about Starmer, are still unsure about him and choose to keep an open mind.


People have the right to wait before making their mind up and research, read, or question anything that helps them do this.


** It’s ok to disagree ** it’s ok to have a different view or opinion ** what is not ok is when shameful people try to gang tag their friends or go on witch hunts because they are incapable of backing their own opinion or accepting others have a different view.


People who gang tag people or stir up witch hunts against individuals, in my personal opinion, are despicable. Its called gang bullying and bordering on illegal.

Isn’t it amazing how these initial bully instigators, when challenged, then try and pull the victim halo card.


If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, you have two choices, scroll past or politely state your case.


This appalling bullying behaviour will not work and only drive people to support parties like the greens, splitting the labour vote and causing the tories to once again stay in office.

This bully tactic witch hunt in-fighting never serves a purpose.


PEOPLE WILL MAKE THEIR MINDS UP IN THEIR OWN TIME once they have a clear understanding of what Starmer represents.


People have five years to scrutinise Starmer, decide to keep him or replace him before the next election. It’s not just animal rights he will be judged upon.



But one thing I do know, if Starmer continues his selective war on socialism and the very foundation of the Labour party, his chances of gaining the support of all the labour voters look very slim.

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