Incident Diary

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Below is a brief summery of hunting incidents (month by month).  For a more detailed break down please click on link compiled by POWA. Many thanks to POWA for providing this listing.


….. 28th October – Fox filmed fleeing for life from Surrey Union FH

….. 28th October – Sabs cramp hunting style of Cottesmore and Quorn FHs

….. 27th October – Six Eggesford FH hounds believed killed on railway line

….. 27th October – Puckeridge FH lash out at sabs as kept away from their fox

….. 27th October – Frustrated Middleton FH riders charge horses at sabs

….. 27th October – Predictable Huntsman makes saving foxes from Belvoir FH easy for sabs

….. 27th October – Sabs constrain Tedworth FH, taking pack off Huntsman twice

….. 26th October – Notorious hunt supporter jailed for repeated trolling of prominent anti

….. 26th October – Belvoir FH invited to meet in Grantham town centre on Boxing Day

….. 25th October – Surrey Union FH hunt illegally on National Trust land

….. 24th October – Sabs investigating reported fox kill by Hunt near Cheltenham

….. 24th October – S. Durham FH rider forces woman monitor into ditch with horse

….. 24th October – Natural Resources Wales licence gun packs to hunt foxes

….. 24th October – Warks FH hunt near housing estate and M40, fox escapes

….. 23rd October – Sabs see Cotswold Vale FH suddenly kill fox in hedgerow

….. 23rd October – NT licence 2 Hunts to use estate with unresolved bTb outbreak

….. 23rd October – S. Durham FH met at farm with confirmed case of strangles

….. 22nd October – Thurlow FH hunt brazenly and kill fox – sabs report to police

….. 22nd October – LACS say NT licencing ‘trail hunts’ that have already happened !

….. 21st October – Cheshire FH cause road havoc and hunt through bTb cattle farm

….. 21st October – Resident reports Cotswold Vale FH hounds out of control on A38

….. 21st October – N. Cotswold FH draw blank under sab gaze – blocked sett found

….. 21st October – Tip-off from public to sabs leads to N. Warks Beagles not going out

….. 20th October – Essex FH kill fox – police not interested, let hunt carry on

….. 20th October – Sabs sit in sett holes to stop Waveney Harriers digging out fox

….. 20th October – Sabs find dying deer savaged by Easton Harriers hounds

….. 20th October – Portman FH chase hunted fox across the A30

….. 20th October – Middleton FH hounds miss 2 foxes, sabs take pack off Huntsman

….. 19th October – Woman sab shaken off top of gate by Ashford V. FH supporter

….. 19th October – Four Burrow FH cubbing attempts fail to excite the hounds

….. 18th October – Fitzwilliam FH attempt to get injunction to keep sabs away

….. 18th October – Antis pack up Eton College Beagles caught chasing a hare

….. 18th October – Waveney Harriers chase muntjacs, get bird out just to fool police

….. 18th October – Antis to protest re. ‘trail hunting’ outside N.T.’s AGM

….. 18th October – DEFRA ignore wildlife crime in public forests

….. 17th October – Ashford V. FH chase fox into village – road chaos & hounds in gardens

….. 17th October – Monitors urge Cheshire fox Hunts to switch to drag/clean boot hunting

….. 16th October – Convicted dairy farmers supply dead calves to S&W. Wilts FH

….. 16th October – Warwickshire FH hunt fox along canal and through garden

….. 16th October – Derwent FH caught cubbing in same woods as taken to court for

….. 16th October – Snarling Ashford Valley FH supporter assaults sab

….. 15th October – Sabs ensure no fox kills at Lanarkshire FH Newcomers meet

….. 15th October – Ex-Huntsman tries to provoke sab into ‘intimidating’ him !

….. 15th October – League’s Chief Investigator comments on attacks on LACS

….. 14th October – Hunting, coursing, shooting continue as hares face Myxy plague

….. 13th October – N. Warkwickshire Beagles packed up by sabs – in 3 minutes !

….. 13th October – Sabs make Berkeley FH Huntsman give up cubbing attempts 3 times

….. 13th October – Sab presence causes E. Sussex FH to actually lay a trail !

….. 13th October – Portman FH openly hunting foxes – again

….. 13th October – Nat. Trust appoints ‘Trail-hunting Manager’ to administer licences

….. 12th October – Sabs scupper Oakley FH cubbing meet just by turning up

….. 12th October – IoW FH – ‘violent bunch of sadists’ – licenced by Nat. Trust

….. 11th October – Melbreak FH flee as sabs find them hunting on FC land w/o license

….. 11th October – Cheshire FH staff caught blocking sett in SSSI woodland

….. 11th October – King stag of Exmoor escapes D&S SH on to LACS sanctuary

….. 11th October – Cheshire police have used drone to monitor fox hunt

….. 10th October – Trial of two Buccleuch FH servants adjourned for two months

….. 10th October – Sabs save 3 hares from Easton Harriers as locals outraged by hunting

….. 10th October – N. Shropshire FH Huntsman is a convicted criminal

….. 9th October – Buccleuch FH trial shown covert video of hounds chasing fox

….. 9th October – Quantock SH quad biker alleged to have run over policeman

….. 9th October – Monitor tells of the bloody reality of Quantock FH stag hunt

….. 9th October – Monitors cover trail of fox fleeing Zetland FH

….. 9th October – Hunt hound found in Cheshire advertised on Facebook

….. 8th October – Warks FH block sabs in on road they allowed on & Hunt not

….. 8th October – Assault case against E. Sussex FH woman rider referred to DPP

….. 8th October – Beaufort FH hunt fox in village of Rodmarton

….. 8th October – Two Buccleuch FH members deny illegal hunting charges

….. 8th October – Mendip Farmers FH cub hunt, riot on deer, ride thru cattle fields

….. 7th October – Four injured hounds found on road in South Wales

….. 7th October – Sabs pull Cheshire Forest FH hounds off suspected bagged fox

….. 7th October – Portman FH hounds chase pet cat in wood – sabs aid escape

….. 6th October – Beaufort FH take hounds through middle of sheep flock

….. 6th October – Middleton FH cub hunt openly – hounds rated off one young fox

….. 6th October – Sabs stick to Quorn FH like glue, stopping them hunting

….. 6th October – Sabs cover trail of only fox Avon Vale FH were able to put up

….. 6th October – Sabs save fox from Fife FH who hunt around active sett

….. 6th October – Sabs pull N. Bucks Beagles off hare while hunters fields away

….. 6th October – VWH FH support block monitor car – then claim she ‘breaking law’ !

….. 6th October – Sab presence leads East Kent FH to early pack up

….. 6th October – E. Sussex woman rider pleads NG to 2 charges assault sabs

….. 5th October – Filming sab causes Warks FH to let nearly caught fox go free

….. 5th October – LACS bites back over ‘false’ allegations in Times newspaper

….. 5th October – Wynnstay FH riders use horses as weapons against sabs

….. 5th October – League accused of wanting to hack CA CEO’s email account

….. 5th October – Coniston FH admit trespass on NT land 4 times last season

….. 3rd October – Hunt supporter steps down as Shropshire Wildlife Trust trustee

….. 3rd October – Wildlife Sanctuary bemoans Staitondale FH cubbing right by them

….. 3rd October – Woman sab driven at and injured at Essex & Suffolk FH meet

….. 3rd October – Warks FH ride through bTb farm as sabs keep them moving

….. 3rd October – Broken Atherstone FH hack around a while then go home

….. 2nd October – Waveney Harriers kill hare but can’t find any foxes

….. 2nd October – S. Durham FH twice pull hounds off fox as monitors/police there

….. 2nd October – Farmer sees off Oakley FH as they trespass yet again

….. 2nd October – Muntjac scared on to road by Suffolk FH, injured by car

….. 2nd October – N. Cotswold FH hounds riot on deer – saved by sab

….. 1st October – Sabs pull Surrey Union FH hounds off two foxes

….. 1st October – Foxes shot & displayed in internal Lake District Hunt feud

….. 1st October – Flint & Denbigh FH openly cub hunt but sabs avert kills


….. 30th September – Wynnstay FH riders & hounds go through anxious bullock herd

….. 30th September – Ilminster Beagles are filmed very clearly hunting a hare

….. 30th September – Monitors intervene to save fox from Wynnstay FH

….. 30th September – Quad biker, probably hunter, stopped for anti-social driving

….. 30th September – Sabs’ car tyre stabbed with knife – Staitondale FH supporters nearby

….. 30th September – E. Kent FH Huntsman makes absurd claim of sab hitting him

….. 30th September – Anti-Bax protest at KWT AGM prompts media coverage

….. 30th September – Sabs ridden/driven at by Flint & Denbigh FH – hounds pulled off deer

….. 30th September – N. Cotswold FH give up cubbing attempt after sabs step in

….. 29th September – Sabs and monitors thwart Portman FH’s cub hunting attempts

….. 29th September – Many assaults on sabs at Fitzwilliam FH – but sabs ensure no kills

….. 29th September – Sab success in disrupting Mendip Farmers FH cubbing – no kills

….. 29th September – Pytchley FH hunters try to ride down sabs, supporter blocks road

….. 29th September – Surrey Union supporter tries to run over sab – no kills

….. 29th September – Sabs gizmo pulls cub-hunting Crawley FH hounds away 3 times

….. 29th September – Hounds Off founder’s moving talk to KWT AGM re. hare hunting

….. 29th September – More pressure on Bax, KWT Chair/hare hunter to quit/be sacked

….. 28th September – Braes o’Derwent FH cub hunting fails as hounds cause road chaos

….. 28th September – Tory Councillor/Hunter – offensive comments re. slavery/abortion

….. 27th September – Totally blocked sett found exactly where Cheshire FH hunting

….. 27th September – N. Cotswold FH hounds panic deer in wood – one runs into tree

….. 27th September – Hunt thugs attack parked car lone female sitting in

….. 27th September – Bonner says – will ‘press authorities to address’ sab activities’

….. 27th September – Quantock SH guns on public display on road

….. 26th September – Sabs say Atherstone FH didn’t kill in September due to them

….. 26th September – Sabs work hard to keep Mendip Farmers FH cubbing kill free

….. 26th September – Hearing to say if South Herefordshire FH trial can go ahead

….. 25th September – Cheshire Monitors to give evidence to PCC hunt policing inquiry

….. 25th September – Natural England – no hunting allowed on SSSI used by Mendip Farmers FH

….. 25th September – Sab group to boycott Leics Police ‘Hunt Awareness Training Day’

….. 25th September – Hunt Watch say 2 farmers banned Hunts after shown film of hunting

….. 24th September – ‘Cruel’ organic farm gives dead/surplus cattle free to Cattistock FH

….. 24th September – Sabs protect 2 foxes put up by Puckeridge FH cub hunting

….. 24th September – Police dismiss W. Norfolk FH allegations against sabs at no-kills meet

….. 24th September – Dunston Harriers lorry returns to kennels without letting hounds out

….. 23rd September – Sabs protect foxes from Lanarkshire FH attempts to hunt

….. 23rd September – Antis clamour for hunter ‘Strictly’ contestant to be voted off

….. 22nd September – Police send 3 cars & armed response to sabs outside kennels

….. 22nd September – Thousands march for wildlife, call for strengthened Hunting Act

….. 22nd September – Fernie FH sit and watch as hounds frighten and stampede cattle

….. 22nd September – Sab snaps pic of highly stressed fox chased by Warks FH

….. 22nd September – N. Cotswold FH ride thru bTb troubled farm, riot on deer/hares

….. 22nd September – Antis restrict Oakley FH to little more than hound exercise

….. 22nd September – Sabs keep foxes safe from chaotic hunting by Cotswold Vale FH

….. 21st September – POWA told Quantock SH hunted and killed large stag

….. 20th September – Sabs say Warks FH released bagged fox into wood with hounds in

….. 20th September – Hunters attempt to fit up activist fails spectacularly

….. 20th September – Revealed undercover cop infiltrated sab group 1997-2002

….. 20th September – LACS complains to BBC re. collusion in Hunt cubbing lies

….. 19th September – South Wold FH’s unheralded visit throws horse into panic

….. 19th September – Sabs catch Surrey Union FH trespassing on NT land

….. 19th September – LACS highly critical of CPS dropping case against Badsworth FH

….. 18th September – Monitors say two hunted stag escaped Quantock SH

….. 18th September – Sabs help stop Staitondale FH cub killing near clifftops

….. 17th September – Beaufort FH post men at setts to stop foxes escaping down

….. 17th September – BBC defends its portrayal of ‘autumn hunting’ in the Archers

….. 17th September – Braes o’ Derwent FH caught cubbing – no known kills

….. 16th September – Government seeking to make trespass a criminal offence

….. 16th September – East Kent FH trespass on Forestry Commission land

….. 16th September – Tory MSP rides with 2 Hunts charged with illegal hunting

….. 16th September – Sab groups prevent Old Surrey FH from serious cubbing

….. 16th September – Video shows Brocklesby FH redcoat trying to hit sab

….. 15th September – Fitzwilliam FH support assault sab & block them in – but no kills

….. 15th September – Early fleeing fox protected by sabs as Oakley FH cubbing fruitless

….. 15th September – Cury FH make only token hunting effort after sabs appear

….. 15th September – Sabs save 5 foxes from Brocklesby FH hounds

….. 14th September – Vets strongly criticise DEFRA over bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH

….. 14th September – Sabs film Warks FH clearly chasing fox – it escaped

….. 14th September – Kimblewick FH hounds withdrawn from Show after disease fears

….. 14th September – Quantock SH supporter fined for filming antis while driving

….. 12th September – Monitor films Beaufort FH clearly hunting a fox

….. 12th September – Grafton FH lay ‘trail’ for first time in monitors’ experience

….. 12th September – Warks FH committed many offences in day’s cubbing, say sabs

….. 12th September – Sabs save fox from ‘full on’ Surrey Union FH cub hunting

….. 11th September – Stag escapes from Quantock SH only after a long chase

….. 11th September – Sabs claim N. Wales police facilitating illegal hunting by hassling them

….. 11th September – Hound parade goes ahead despite LACS’ biosecurity warning

….. 10th September – E. Kent FH hound lorry back to kennels when see sabs on their tail

….. 10th September – Sabs pull Cattistock FH hounds off only fox cubbers put up

….. 10th September – At least one fox escapes Warks FH cubbing attempts

….. 10th September – Sabs restrain Beaufort FH cubbing attempts

….. 9th September – Sabs stop Flint & Denbigh FH Huntsman hunting by man marking

….. 9th September – ‘Broken’ Atherstone FH restricted to no fun ride round fields

….. 8th September – Sabs say saved four foxes from Belvoir FH cub hunting

….. 8th September – Portman FH filmed cub hunting by monitors

….. 8th September – Sabs deter E. Kent FH from cub hunting efforts

….. 8th September – Sabs intimidated as Crawley FH hunt illegally at evening meet

….. 8th September – Sabs constrain Fernie FH cubbing attempts – no kills

….. 7th September – Fox probably killed in Beaufort FH early start cub hunt

….. 6th September – Cheshire FH behave very oddly after get police escort from kennels

….. 6th September – Warks FH cause road chaos while trying to cub hunt

….. 6th September – Blackmore FH cub hunt over recently bTb infected farm

….. 5th September – Fears over Kimblewick FH’s hound parade at Bucks County Show

….. 5th September – Sabs ensure no cub kills for York & Ainsty South FH

….. 4th September – Monitors reveal film re. Wynnstay FH fox kill in February

….. 4th September – Kent WT accused ahead of AGM protest re. hunter Chairman Bax

….. 4th September – Buccleuch FH huntsmen trail set for 8th October

….. 3rd September – Beaufort FH filmed chasing fox at 1st official cub hunt

….. 3rd September – More connections of Leics police WO to Atherstone FH revealed

….. 3rd September – Sabs save fox from early morning Beaufort FH cub hunters

….. 2nd September – A Dorset Hunt drives fox to ground – maybe dug out

….. 1st September – LACS offers £1k reward for info leading to cub hunting convictions

….. 1st September – Cotswold Vale FH pack in cubbing after a bit of sabbing

….. 1st September – Sabs stop Warwickshire FH settling into cub hunting


….. 30th August – Surrey Union FH hunt blatantly at ‘newcomers’ meet

….. 30th August – S. Herefordshire FH 5 fox cub cruelty case adjourned one month

…… 30th August – Sab/monitor presence prevents Cheshire FH cubbing meet

….. 29th August – Hunting/Badger charges against Badsworth FH men dropped before trial

….. 29th August – At least 3 killed in open cubbing by Cheshire FH, think antis

….. 29th August – Warwickshire FH caught cub hunting again

….. 29th August – Blackmore FH switch to evening cubbing – but can’t escape antis

….. 28th August – Warks FH seen chasing fox by residents who report it to police

….. 27th August – Cotswold FH go cubbing – with ten guns [reason unknown]

….. 27th August – Sabs stop Waveney Harriers killing & pack rioting on to road

….. 27th August – Modbury Harriers blatantly cub hunting, say sabs

….. 25th August – Video shows Cattistock FH cub hunting, claim antis

….. 25th August – Wynnstay FH – possible kill in first early morning cubbing

….. 25th August – Flint & Denbigh FH cubbers kept on move by sabs

….. 25th August – Sabs ensure no cubbing kills by Mendip Farmers FH

….. 25th August – Northants MH supporter damages sab vehicle

….. 23rd August – Quantock SH members illegal hunting trial set for November

….. 21st August – Routine blocking of badger setts evidence fox hunting ongoing

….. 20th August – D&S SH presented severed stag head as prize at country show

….. 20th August – Hampshire FH hounds road-exercised in dangerous, anti-social manner

….. 20th August – DSSH presented severed stag head as prize at country show

….. 18th August – Waveney Harriers pretend to trail hunt – at 5.30 a.m.

….. 18th August – Vicious, callous bloodsports bullies complain – of being bullied !

….. 17th August – East Sussex FH member summonsed for assault on sab

….. 17th August – Surrey Union FH cubbing meet packed up by sabs

….. 13th August – Two from Buccleuch FH in court charged with illegal hunting

….. 13th August – NT giving S. Shropshire FH favoured access to Long Mynd SSSI

….. 12th August – Blatant cub hunting has already started in Devon, say sabs

….. 12th August – Old Surrey FH falling riders provide plenty work for sab medic

….. 12th August – Fox Hunts merging in order to survive

….. 11th August – Cub hunting has started in Kent – Ashford Valley FH

….. 11th August – Cat just makes it inside as hounds re-invade garden next day

….. 11th August – Visitors to Halifax Country Show warned of hound disease risks

….. 10th August – Kimblewick FH first sick hounds misdiagnosed with leptospirosis

….. 10th August – Dorset hunt dogs invade garden & destroy furniture

….. 10th August – Hunters crow over falling Hunting Act conviction rates

….. 9th August – Rampant sexual abuse revealed at school famed for its hare Hunt

….. 9th August – Sabs ask ‘Could Atherstone FH hounds be bTb infected?’

….. 6th August – Council urged to act on uncleared hunt hound faeces on public land

….. 6th August – Sabs hold further demos at Leicestershire police stations

….. 5th August – Campaign to get Warks FH kicked off Nat. Trust land

….. 5th August – Atherstone FH fundraiser attended by ex BBC presenters

….. 5th August – SNP task junior minister with reform of Scottish hunting ban

….. 4th August – BBC Countryfile attacked for hounds appearance at their roadshow

….. 3rd August – Poor state of kennels may have worsened bTb in Kimblewick FH hounds

….. 2nd August – Badger setts routinely blocked by fox Hunts say monitors

….. 1st August – Fitzwilliam FH supporter gets CSO for very violent attack on sabs

….. 1st August – Lord Blencathra appointed Deputy Chair of Natural England.

JULY 2018

….. 31st July – Three Middleton FH members plead NG to affray/assault

….. 31st July – Council to take no action re. Belvoir FH invasion of country park

….. 30th July – RSPB employing a bloodsports fanatic to cruelly kill crows and foxes

….. 28th July – Sabs join Cheshire FH & Beagles in Nantwich Show parade ring

….. 28th July – Further round of ‘trail hunting’ demos at NT properties

….. 28th July – Sabs catch Northants MH actively hunting and stop them

….. 27th July – EX CA Chair Labour MP Kate Hoey gets unanimous no confidence vote

….. 26th July – Country fair visitors shocked to learn of disease risk from hounds

….. 24th July – Two Thurlow FH hunters in court on illegal hunting & assault charges

….. 22nd July – More police-bloodsports links revealed by H.I.T.

….. 21st July – Stag/fox hunting landowner was jailed for major fraud, reveal antis

….. 21st July – HIT finds artificial earths, blocked setts on publicly subsidised land

….. 21st July – Ledbury FH snapped exercising pack on busy road

….. 20th July – Barlow FH JM filmed illegally setting trap for badger

….. 19th July – Quantock SH Huntsman & Whip charged with illegal hunting

….. 18th July – Dwyryd FH JM/badger baiter convicted of shotgun offence

….. 17th July – LACS warns of disease risk from hounds in advance of Festival of Hunting

….. 17th July – Appeal launched to fund reward to help catch other Belvoir FH thugs

….. 17th July – Attorney General says Belvoir FH thugs’ sentences can’t be reviewed

….. 16th July – Sabs protest Ashby Show letting Atherstone FH hounds parade

….. 10th July – Pipewell Beagles refusing to help police re. illegal hunting inquiry

….. 10th July – Gogerddan Pony Club drops ‘Hunt’ from name, says against bloodsport

….. 10th July – Sabs publish film that proved Atherstone FH hunters lied in court

….. 9th July – Tesco supporting hunting via Pony Club donations scheme

….. 3rd July – Atherstone FH supporter drives car at sab on protest

….. 3rd July – New study says foxes can spread bTb – hounds also implicated

….. 2nd July – Monitors campaign for Hunts to be banned from Nantwich Show

….. 2nd July – Dead fox cub dumped at hunt monitors’ property.

JUNE 2018

….. 29th June – Almost all consultees want stronger Scottish hunting law

….. 29th June – Cheshire FH Whip gets Community Order for railway trespass

….. 29th June – Sabs stage pop-up demos at various Leics police stations

….. 29th June – Cheshire FH withdraw from Darnall Show after protests

….. 28th June – Ten Cottesmore FH hounds killed in horror crash on country road

….. 28th June – Figures reveal only tiny % of illegal hunting reports lead to arrests

….. 25th June – CPS let Cheshire Forest FH fox killers off yet again

….. 20th June – Attorney General asked to review Belvoir FH case sentences

….. 19th June – S. Herefordshire FH fox cubs cruelty case adjourned to August

….. 19th June – Leics police commissioner ‘will not tolerate breaking of law’ by hunts

….. 18th June – LACS issues reminder of cruelty of the roe deer Hunts

….. 16th June – Sab group claims regional police op aims to facilitate illegal hunting

….. 16th June – Ex LACS Department Head sues League for unfair dismissal

….. 16th June – Sabs assaulted & radio stolen at Culmstock MH

….. 14th June – Belvoir FH 2 get suspended jail for severe attacks on LACS monitors

….. 14th June – Fitzwilliam FH Huntsman appeals against illegal hunting conviction

….. 13th June – NT ‘monitoring’ of Hunts grossly inadequate says Hounds Off

….. 13th June – Nat. Trust is advertising for a ‘Trail Hunt Manager’

….. 13th June – Convicted Belvoir FH thugs to be sentenced tomorrow

….. 12th June – 3 Middleton FH riders in court charged with attacks on sabs

….. 11th June – Cases against 2 female sabs are thrown out of court

….. 9th June – Sabs prevent Northants MH hunting on notorious Estate

….. 8th June – Berwickshire FH pull out of Haddington Show after social media storm

….. 4th June – Wildlife Witness launch campaign to keep Hunts off roads

….. 4th June – Did ex Beds police senior officer/hunter assist Hunt against sabs?

….. 4th June – Beagle pack exhibitor at Show tells visitor used for hare hunting

….. 2nd June – Sabs ruin Culmstock Mink Hounds’ day

….. 2nd June – Sabs upload film of Badsworth FH chasing fox, rejected by police

….. 2nd June – Dove Valley MH driver tries to damage sab cars as they stop meet

….. 1st June – 3 charged with Hunting & Badger Act offences day of Badsworth FH meet

….. 1st June – LACS local woman refused stall at Bromyard Gala.

MAY 2018

….. 31st May – Lauderdale FH Huntswoman given police warning after broke hunt law

….. 31st May – Three Wynnstay FH hounds run over & killed on A41

….. 31st May – Hunter who split sab’s head open very weakly sentenced

….. 30th May – N. Trust sticks to ‘trail hunting’ policy after weekend protests

….. 29th May – Police seek 4 from Pipewell Beagles re. illegal hunting on 17-2-18

….. 28th May – Local’s head hit by hunter as pet dogs attacked by Mendip Farmers FH hounds

….. 28th May – Acquitted sab gets vile death threat sabs say from Atherstone FH

….. 27th May – ‘Trail hunting’ protests held at N. Trust sites round country

….. 27th May – ‘Going equipped’ Northants MH soon packed up by sabs

….. 25th May – Sab video of Fitzwilliam FH fox hunt and kill finally published

….. 25th May – Time limit for appeal against Fitzwilliam FH Huntsman’s conviction passes

….. 25th May – Online protests over Berwickshire FH invite to Haddington Show

….. 25th May – Doc shows government regards HSA as ‘domestic extremists’

….. 21st May – Sabs say hunters conspired, police colluded, trying to falsely convict woman

….. 21st May – Easton Harriers Whip has lengthy criminal record, claim sabs

….. 19th May – Claro Beagles Huntsman facing trial for illegal hunting

….. 15th May – Court case against sab for agg. trespass at hare hunt collapses

….. 15th May – Whip of Hunt in new CA video is one of the S. Herefordshire FH 5

….. 15th May – S. Herefordshire FH five appear in court for the first time

….. 14th May – Atherstone Huntsman steps down, Director goes, after sab trial collapse

….. 13th May – N. Ledbury & N. Herefordshire FHs to ‘trial’ merger

….. 12th May – Dove Valley MH give up as soon as sabs find them

….. 12th May – Demo at Hereford police station calls for justice for animals

….. 12th May – Police won’t name suspects in S. Herefordshire FH cubs cruelty case

….. 11th May – New, absurd account of where fox pee for ‘trail hunting’ from

….. 10th May – Cub cruelty case was held up by smear from pro-hunt source against PC

….. 10th May – 5 finally to face trial over S. Herefordshire FH fox cubs cruelty case

….. 10th May – Thurlow FH Huntsman & Whip summonsed for illegal hunting/assaulting sabs

….. 10th May – Sab complains formally to police re. handling of Ashford FH fox kill

….. 9th May – Cornish girl, 14, kicked in face by horse on ‘trail hunt’

….. 9th May – Sabs subject to sinister harassment campaign

….. 5th May – Fox cub saviour sab featured in piece on BBC Three website

….. 5th May – Northants MH pack up again when faced with mass sab

….. 4th May – Police/CPS still drag out S. Hereford fox cub scandal as demo due

….. 3rd May – Grafton FHC Huntsman to face trial on illegal hunting charge

….. 2nd May – LACS CEO quits due to serious health problem

….. 1st May – Belvoir FH hound killed on A1 slip road

APRIL 2018

….. 30th April – Ledbury S. FH rider cautioned for threat. behaviour to female sabs

….. 30th April – Beagle pack’s illegal hunting revealed in own newsletter

….. 30th April  – Judge slams police over undisclosed photos in Grove & Rufford FH case

….. 29th April – Scottish CA boss descends to personal abuse over hunting issue

….. 28th April – Northants Mink Hounds go home when challenged by sabs

….. 27th April – Monitors upload film of illegal Cheshire FH hunt rejected by CPS

….. 26th April – Essex FH and Essex Farmers FH are to merge

….. 24th April – Police drop case where fox chase & kill by Ashford Valley FH filmed

….. 24th April – Anti campaigners get no joy from meeting with new N.Trust boss

….. 24th April – JM acquitted on appeal savages CPS for bringing case against him

….. 23rd April – Monitor threatened by Quantock SH supporter

….. 22nd April – CPS drops case of illegal hunting by Cheshire FH last October

….. 20th April – Crawley FH JM acquitted on appeal of threatening behaviour to sab

….. 20th April – Deer hunted on NT land soon after new boss pledges to ‘help nature’

….. 19th April – 3 Atherstone members FH reported for perverting course of justice

….. 19th April – Prominent sab cleared after Atherstone FH hunter lies exposed in court

….. 18th April – Locals petition against relocation of Pembrokeshire FH kennels

….. 17th April – Two Essex & Suffolk FH ‘stewards’ charged over attacks on sabs

….. 15th April – D&S SH still out at 6.30pm looking for stag to chase and kill

….. 15th April – Mass sab ensures no fox kills by the Royal Artillery FH

….. 11th April – Sab records show huge scale of sett blocking by Hunts

….. 11th April – Campaign to ban Hampshire FH from Alton council land

….. 10th April – Belvoir FH terrierman/son plead guilty to attacks on LACS monitors

….. 10th April – Antis plan demo re. no action in S. Herefordshire FH fox cubs case

…..  9th April – Royal Artillery FH hunt area where risk spreading tree disease

…..  8th April – Two from Buccleuch FH charged with illegal fox hunting

…..  8th April – Antis film shambolic pretend trail laying by Royal Artillery FH

…..  7th April – Sabs pull hounds off Four Burrow FH chased into village

…..  6th April – APHA says no licenses issued for import of fox urine based substances

…..  4th April – Fitzwilliam FH Huntsman guilty of hunting fox killed by hounds

…..  3rd April – NFU says pick up after pet dogs on farmland [no mention of hunt hounds]

…..  1st April – Waveney Huntsman’s verbal abuse of monitor leads to formal complaint

MARCH 2018

….. 31st March – Sabs seriously assaulted & robbed by Modbury Harriers thugs

….. 30th March – Release and chase of bagged fox by Portman FH filmed, say sabs

….. 30th March – LACS has received over 500 illegal hunting reports this season

….. 30th March – Eggesford FH hunt over banned SSSI and farm

….. 30th March – Leicestershire Police officers snapped at Belvoir FH Ball

….. 29th March – Gamekeeper of Belvoir FH Hunt hosts convicted over captive fox

….. 28th March – Eggesford FH mark 2 foxes to ground, pack split and riot on deer

….. 27th March – Antis film D&S SH Whip gallop horse on road for extended time

….. 26th March – Convicted paedophile snapped among support at Eggesford FH

….. 25th March – Police drop case of Atherstone FH supporter – drove into, punched sabs

….. 25th March – Sabs stop Middleton FH killing despite attacks by ‘security’ men

….. 25th March – Disturbing film by passer-by of frenzy before deer kill by D&S SH

….. 25th March – LACS presents evidence of illegal hunting by Quantock SH to police

….. 25th March – Sab taken to hospital after unknown liquid thrown in her face 

….. 25th March – Hundreds in demo to demand full Scottish hunting ban

….. 23rd March – Filmed fox flees Beaufort FH across graveyard and into sett

….. 23rd March – Next day – 2 blocked setts where Cotswold FH hunting – again

….. 22nd March – 2 freshly blocked setts found where Cotswold FH hunting

….. 22nd March – Hounds Off ask – what point of giving evidence of Hunts’ wrongdoing?

….. 22nd March – Portman FH Huntsman hunts hounds on road, even after driver complains

….. 21st March – Hunt invades gardens & tramples badger sett in Oxfordshire

….. 21st March – Antis to protest Devon & Cornwall police inaction on illegal hunting

….. 19th March – Waveney Harriers filmed chasing fox – monitor struck in face

….. 19th March – Grove & Rufford FH appeal judge was Tory MP in the ’90s

….. 18th March – Cotswold FH horse dies, but they carry on seeking foxes to hunt

….. 18th March – S. Durham FH supporter tried to steal film of fox kill by Hunt

….. 18th March – S. Dorset FH support attacks sabs after twice pulled hounds off foxes

….. 18th March – Sabs prevent Eggesford FH dig outs, Huntsman hits sab on head

….. 18th March – Rarely sabbed Vine & Craven FH lays no trails, followed by terriermen

….. 17th March – Rider’s horse dies under him – so he jumps on another & hunts on

….. 17th March – N. Shrops FH Huntsman seems to implicate self in denying sett blocking

….. 17th March – Four Shires Bassets/Berkeley Beagles joint meet packed up by sabs

….. 17th March – Mass sab ruins Puckeridge FH’s closing meet

….. 17th March – Antis stop Portman FH’s ‘innocent’ Huntsman killing on snowy day

….. 16th March – Two blocked setts found near Beaufort FH meet

….. 16th March – Another hunting vet exposed – hunts with Albrighton FH

….. 16th March – Cheshire FH servant cautioned for death threat to monitor

….. 16th March – Heavily blocked setts found where Cotswold FH hunting

….. 15th March – Grove & Rufford FH 3 win appeals against illegal hunting convictions

….. 15th March – Rescue horses & pets badly disturbed by Hunt’s proximity

….. 15th March – Pub owner where cat-kill Hunt met ‘devastated’ by pet’s death

….. 14th March – Antis to send compilation of Portman FH road havoc to police

….. 14th March – Eggesford FH welcome violent ex-jailbird as supporter

….. 14th March – Portman FH JM/Huntsman acquitted of illegal hunting charge

….. 14th March – Warks FH Director says is landowner – until shown newly blocked sett

….. 14th March – Pet cat mauled to death by Albrighton & Woodland FH hound

….. 14th March – Sabs say Hunt claims re. injured woman sab are false

….. 14th March – Warwickshire FH hunt foxes on Fosse Way and A422

….. 13th March – Monitors say filmed N. Shropshire FH illegally hunting fox

….. 13th March – Somerset hare hunt beagle found hanging from top of fence

….. 13th March – Notts WT angry re. Grove & Rufford FH trespass on their reserves

….. 13th March – Surrey Union FH Whip arrested after attacked, spat on, woman sab

….. 13th March – Youngsters’ beagling meet packs up soon after sabs appear

….. 12th March – Hounds pulled off hunted fox by sabs at Chiddingfold FH

….. 12th March – Grafton FH rider allegedly causes accident on A5, older man injured

….. 12th March – Grove & Rufford FH trespass and hunt in nature reserves

….. 12th March – Councillor and ‘hunt liaison’ loses it in foulmouthed rant at sabs

….. 11th March – Blean Beagles run home from sabs, leaving 4 hounds behind

….. 11th March – Convicted violent hunt thug breaks promise to court & attends hunts 

….. 11th March – South Dorset FH thugs assault and steal from sabs

….. 11th March – Leadon Vale Bassets don’t even travel to meet after seeing sabs

….. 11th March – Sabs save fox from Cotswold Vale FH, fate of another not known

….. 11th March – Thurlow FH stage very short ‘trail hunt’, seek foxes for rest of day

….. 10th March – W. Somerset Vale FH trespass again on NT land in Somerset

….. 10th March – Badsworth FH hunt and kill one of paired foxes

….. 10th March – Cheshire Monitors on the One Show to enlighten public to ‘trail hunt’ scam

….. 10th March – Oakley FH hounds riot on and kill water deer

….. 10th March – Sabs save 5 foxes from Puckeridge FH, Huntsman makes death threat

….. 10th March – Sabs amazed by police response to attacks by W. Somerset Vale FH thugs

….. 10th March – Locals protest against Mendip Farmers FH

….. 10th March – Sabs save fox from Portman FH, sab landy kicked & damaged

….. 10th March – Meynell FH’s closing meet features fox hunting, hounds on A roads

…..  9th March – Antis deter Cattistock FH from dig-out of hunted fox

…..  9th March – Drooling Warks FH supporter in vile, sexist rant at female sab

…..  9th March – Antis protest Wentworth estate hosting Grove & Rufford FH

…… 8th March – Yeo Valley Farms colluding in MFFH illegal hunting says local group 

…..  8th March – Atherstone FH Huntsman can’t control hounds – so takes them on A444

…..  7th March – Woman supporter of Hampshire FH tries to steal monitor camera

…..  7th March – Eggesford FH Huntsman loses half his pack to sabs for 2 hours

…..  7th March – Tesco withdraws kids’ fox hunter costume from sale

…..  6th March – Ex National winner Huntsman in foul-mouthed tirade at antis

…..  5th March – Locals protest against Mendip Farmers FH

…..  5th March – LACS publish film of Eton College Beagles hunting a hare

…..  5th March – Monitors upload film of Cheshire FH chasing fox just before Xmas 

…..  4th March – Police make Cheshire FH pack up very early after monitors see kill

…..  3rd March – Easton Harriers filmed chasing several hares – no kills

…..  3rd March – Monitors film of South Durham FH killing fox handed to police

…..  2nd March – S. Durham FH hounds invade  land, allegedly attack pregnant ewe

…..  1st March – Monitors find blocked sett where Cheshire FH hunting on foot

…..  1st March – Ampleforth College beaglers’ newsletter removed from website


….. 22nd February – Warks FH filmed fox hunting 4 days after woman sees same

….. 28th February – Sabs arrival deters Puckeridge FH from dig-out

….. 28th February – Monitors’ presence deters Beaufort FH from three dig outs

….. 28th February – Sabs reveal destroyed 6 Hunts’ artificial earths before season began

….. 28th February – HSA says top public school’s own reports shows still hunting hares

….. 27th February – Locals act against trespass and chaos caused by Wynnstay FH

….. 26th February – South Down FH stopped from hunting as swamped by sabs

….. 26th February – Grafton FH step anti-monitor tactics up to ludicrous levels

….. 25th February – LACS say films show Scottish fox hunts scaring pregnant sheep

….. 25th February – Council leader lets notorious Atherstone FH hunt on his land

….. 25th February – New sab group visits previously un-sabbed Clifton-on-Teme FH

….. 25th February – Sabs upload pic of emaciated hound at joint meet in Scotland

….. 25th February – Pressure for full Scotland hunt ban as huge response to consultation

….. 25th February – Sabs upload film of hare escaping from Holcombe Harriers

….. 25th February – Antis stage ‘trail hunting’ protests at 20 Nat. Trust properties

….. 25th February – Villagers anger at Cotswold Vale FH invasion as sabs save foxes

….. 25th February – Huntsman tells PC to f*** off after admonished for endangering public

….. 25th February – Sabs prevent late dig-out at Scottish joint meet, two assaulted

….. 25th February – High Peak Harriers stick to trails as they present, say sabs

….. 24th February – Blackmore FH hunt & kill fox – woman monitor shoved to ground

….. 24th February – Sabs stop kills at W. Somerset FH/Minehead Harriers meet

….. 24th February – Sabs ruin rarely visited South Wold FH hunting day

….. 24th February – Sab attacked with hammer, woman anti ridden into deep ditch

….. 24th February – Sabs save foxes at 3 Hunts meet – female anti assaulted

….. 24th February – Fox saved by sabs from Oakley FH’s criminal Huntsman

….. 23rd February – Vixen reported killed by trespassing Mendip Farmers FH

….. 23rd February – Sabs persuade Ledbury FH hounds off 3 foxes they chased

….. 23rd February – Grove & Rufford terrierman harangued after field trampled hedge

….. 22nd February – Warwickshire FH hunt wood next to M40 [fox escapes]

….. 22nd February – Cheshire Forest FH chase fox over live railway, dig-out prevented

….. 22nd February – ‘Trail hunting’ protests at many NT properties this Sunday

….. 22nd February – Warks FH filmed fox hunting 4 days after woman sees same

….. 22nd February – Violent hunt ‘steward’ gets Community Order for assaults on sabs

….. 21st February – Police seek info on hare hunting – thought by N. Norfolk Harriers

….. 21st February – Local says Mendip F FH breaking FC licence by hunting with quads

….. 21st February – N. Shropshire FH Huntsman has terriers stolen from his home

….. 21st February – Old Surrey FH found fox hunting at midweek meet – sabs stop

….. 21st February – Exeter Councillor talks of his weekend persona – as a hunt sab

….. 20th February – Woman reports hunting on Woodland Trust land by her home

….. 20th February – Sabs find selves in right place to save fox from Old Surrey FH

….. 20th February – Sabs stop bad terrier fight due to Eggesford FH hounds passing

….. 20th February – Lost, injured Badsworth FH hound wandered round housing estate

….. 20th February – Hunt that killed in front of tourists on NT land is licenced by them

….. 20th February – Melbreak FH licence suspended after seen chasing foxes

….. 19th February – Atherstone FH try to hunt foxes, hounds all over roads

….. 18th February – Middleton FH hunt in vast, fenced estate – sabs think fox shot

….. 18th February – Antis foil South Dorset FH efforts to kill foxes

….. 18th February – Beaufort FH chase fox into barn, pretend trail hunt, re-invade garden

….. 18th February – Gizmo, rating & citronella save fox from East Cornwall FH

….. 18th February – Member of public sees Warwickshire FH clearly hunting fox

….. 18th February – Walkers say saw Melbreak FH chasing two foxes

….. 18th February – Tried Portman JM/Huntsman drew farmyard, disturbing cows

….. 18th February – Grove & Rufford FH chase foxes across roads & in gardens

….. 18th February – East Kent FH supporter kicks sab, claims to have gun

….. 18th February – Hampshire FH ‘trail hunt’ – but no trails, terriermen present

….. 18th February – Sabs make sure Westerby Bassets just have a little stroll

….. 17th February – Hunt seen trespassing on NT land in East Devon

….. 17th February – Ledbury FH chase several foxes, sabs ensure no kills

….. 17th February – South Down FH interrupted as about to dig fox out of sett

….. 17th February – Sabs prevent dig out by Cambridge FH of hunted fox

….. 17th February – Sabs assaulted, driven at, sprayed with mystery liquid at Curre FH

….. 17th February – Blackmore FH hunt foxes again, including in gardens

….. 17th February – Hunters laugh as sab struggles in huge, uncovered cess pit

….. 16th February – Welsh police request info on Hunt badger sett interference

….. 16th February – Surrey Union FH hounds injured after rioting on deer

….. 16th February – Police call for witnesses re. fox kill by Hunt in Derbyshire

….. 16th February – Protest in Sherbourne against fox kill by Blackmore FH

….. 15th February – Monitors say saved three foxes from S. Durham FH

….. 15th February – Disturbing film of Fitzwilliam FH thug attack on sab car released

….. 15th February – Warwickshire FH filmed illegally hunting in Country Park

….. 15th February – Council – hunting banned in park where Belvoir FH ‘killed fox’

….. 15th February – Surrey Union FH found trespassing on NT land again

….. 14th February – Dunston Harriers rider backs box into sab van – refuses details

….. 14th February – Labour includes strengthened Hunting Act in Animal Welfare plans

….. 14th February – Cattistock FH hunt in swannery under biosecurity restrictions

….. 14th February – Walker’s post/film of Ullswater FH hunting taken down by admin

….. 14th February – Surrey Union FH stop midweek meet when sabs appear

….. 14th February – Walker reports lost hound, thought from Ullswater FH

….. 13th February – Waveney Harriers Whip’s poor pack control nearly runs into deer herd

….. 13th February – VWH FH chase fox into gardens, hounds rated out by monitors

….. 13th February – Monitors say Grafton FH hunted two foxes – one filmed

….. 13th February – Trial of Portman FH Huntsman on illegal hunting charge ends

….. 12th February – N. Herefordshire FH kill fox at dig out – 2 more kills suspected

….. 12th February – Sabs save hunted fox from in-cry Belvoir FH hounds

….. 12th February – South Wold FH supporters say they hunt and kill foxes

….. 12th February – Fife FH miss put up fox, support scares ewe off new-born lamb

….. 12th February – Atherstone FH hunted foxes in area with artificial earth, say sabs

….. 11th February – Hunt reported trespassing on Nat Trust land in Derbyshire

….. 11th February – Monitor windscreen broken after threats from Easton Harrier hunters

….. 11th February – Blackmore FH kill fox – Dorset police refused to attend

….. 11th February – Sabs and ‘very angry’ farmer stop Meynell FH dig-out

….. 11th February – Locals/farmers call police due to trespass/damage by Cheshire Forest FH

….. 11th February – Sabs attacked after used gizmo to life S. Dorset FH hounds off fox

….. 11th February – Sabs save foxes from Flint & Denbigh FH though attacked by thugs

….. 11th February – Sabs find 4 blocked setts in Heythrop, 3 in N.Cotswold FH country

….. 11th February – Severe misuse of horses seen at Eggesford FH as sabs save foxes

….. 11th February – Reckless York & Ainsty S FH rider brings horse down on road

….. 11th February – Sabs find sheep carcasses – to lure foxes into Fife FH hunt area?

….. 11th February – Lake District walker sees Hunt chasing foxes nr Martindale

….. 11th February – Sabs stop dig out, one & hound driven into by Curre FH terrierman</span

….. 10th February – Fitzwilliam FH thugs violently attack occupied sab car

…..  9th February – Ledbury FH hunt foxes in dusk, sett blocking filmed

…..  9th February – Police seek info re. alleged fox hunt kill near Lincoln

…..  9th February – Warwickshire FH hunt on and next to A roads yet again

…..  9th February – Villagers & farmer complain of Dumfriesshire FH incursion

…..  9th February – Cheshire PCC orders review of way police handle Hunts

…..  9th February – 2 monitors thwart VWH FH to hunt 2 foxes in huge private estate

…..  8th February – Reports now say Burton FH killed fox AND a deer in 2 villages

…..  8th February – Fox dug out & killed at Eggesford/Torrington FHs joint meet

…..  8th February – 2 monitors have 7 tyres slashed soon after reporting illegal hunt

…..  8th February – Alpaca farmer rejects reported Hunt apology, says not contacted him

…..  8th February – Monitor film refutes claim that Cheshire Hunt kills are ‘accidents’

…..  7th February – Violent gang of fox killers granted licence by National Trust

…..  7th February – FB posts say Burton FH chased & killed fox nr. Gainsborough

…..  7th February – Portman FH rampage thru village causing traffic chaos

…..  7th February – Police probe alleged fox hunt & property damage in Lincs village

…..  7th February – Cheshire FH Whip harangued by farmer for repeated hunt trespass 

…..  7th February – S. Dorset FH cause chaos on A road, chase fox into badger sett

…..  6th February – Alpacas ‘terrorised’ by Puckeridge FH farm invasion, some may abort

…..  6th February – Blackmore FH supporter punches female sab in head

…..  6th February – Sabs stop Puckeridge FH digging fox from badger sett

…..  6th February – Locals say Wynnstay FH caused mayhem chasing fox on to A41

…..  6th February – Oakley Huntsman convicted of C.Damage – broke woman’s windscreen

…..  6th February – Sabs see Hunt untouched for a decade chasing three hares

…..  5th February – Huntsman/JM & terrierman Dwyryd FH jailed for badger baiting

…..  5th February – Members of public say Belvoir FH killed fox in country park

…..  5th February – NT gives Warks FH licence despite repeated trespass and assault

…..  5th February – Forestry Commission says permits for ‘trail hunting’ decided ‘locally’

…..  5th February – Fox saved from Hurworth FH by sabs, one driven into

…..  5th February – Monitor & landowner save hunted fox from S.Durham FH

…..  4th February – Sabs find Parks Authority closely monitoring Cumberland FH

…..  4th February – Warks FH hounds filmed closely chasing a fox

…..  4th February – Monitor assaulted, others obstructed on roads at Grafton FH

…..  4th February – Modbury Harriers thug punches & smashes sab windscreen

…..  4th February – Sab presence makes fox pack ‘trail hunt’, hare hunt pack up

…..  4th February – Surrey Union FH pull off chased fox when see monitors

…..  4th February – Modbury Harriers hunt banned land, supporter breaks sab windscreen

…..  4th February – Cotswold Vale FH hounds rated off roads by sabs, female assaulted

…..  3rd February – Landowner sees Badsworth FH kill fox in wood banned from

…..  3rd February – NT initially denies that Surrey Union FH hunted on their land

…..  3rd February – Crawley FH hunt foxes after dark – sabs think probably killed

…..  3rd February – Fitzwilliam FH use eagle to kill hare flushed by hounds

…..  3rd February – Woman abused by Mendip Farmers FH after chased fox in garden

…..  3rd February – Revealed that Mendip Farmers FH invaded land, killed alpaca

…..  3rd February – Sabs stop dig-out of hunted fox by Fife FH

…..  3rd February – Warks FH hunt next to A429 – act as if they own the road

…..  3rd February – Sab racially abused at Lanarkshire FH meet

…..  2nd February – Badsworth FH rider hits sab on head, knocks one over with horse

…..  2nd February – JM/Huntsman of Lauderdale FH to face illegal hunting charge

…..  2nd February – Monitors meet Cheshire MP/Cabinet Minister to discuss illegal hunting

…..  2nd February – NT initially tries to deny Surrey Union hunted on their land

…..  2nd February – Somerset farmer says intimidation followed illegal hunting on his land

…..  2nd February – Puckeridge FH hound van is SORNed & shouldn’t be on the road

…..  1st February – Beaufort FH trample signed environmental grass strips

…..  1st February – Fermanagh Harriers sabbed for first time, hound stuck in gate freed

…..  1st February – Fernie FH rider dies after fall from horse

…..  1st February – Sabs post shows type of often drunken thugs who confront them

…..  1st February – Investigation of anti-hunt Welsh Councillor dropped by Ombudsman


….. 31st January – S. Tetcott FH Huntsman’s father/brother cautioned by police

….. 31st January – East Kent FH hunters illegally ride quads in forestry

….. 31st January – Beaufort FH Huntsman encourages hounds to chase fox into garden

….. 31st January – Wave of protest re. ‘trail hunting’ at NT sites planned

….. 31st January – Warks FH huntsman tried to scare fox from brambles for hounds

….. 31st January – Woodland Trust makes clear grants no access to ANY Hunts

….. 31st January – ‘Ledbury South’ FH invades Buddhist centre

….. 31st January – Locals complain of many trespasses by Four Burrow FH

….. 31st January – Police refuse to act over Wilts Beagles running on to A303

….. 30th January – Waen FH Huntsman convicted of assault on woman sab

….. 30th January – ‘Steward’ guilty 3 more assaults on sabs, at Woodland Pytchley FH

….. 30th January – Badsworth FH Huntsman urges hounds towards live railway

….. 30th January – Surrey Union FH chase fox across busy road causing havoc

….. 30th January – Unknown Hunt reported trespassing on NT land in Shropshire

….. 30th January – Indy reports Grafton FH hunter slandering monitor – ‘Paedophile’

….. 29th January – Heythrop FH cause danger – chase fox on to A44

….. 29th January – Dig-out by Blackmore FH prevented by sabs

….. 29th January – Cheshire Forest FH hounds riot on A50 causing traffic havoc 

….. 29th January – Fernie FH killed fox and quickly cleared it up, say sabs

….. 29th January – Waveney Harriers panic sheep, run through traffic

….. 29th January – MP asks PCC to urgently examine Cheshire police treatment of Hunts

…… 29th January – Report says Bicester FH causing chaos on A road and gardens

….. 29th January – Monitors save fox at S. Durham FH foot hunt in snow & ice

….. 29th January – Monitors stop dig out by Cheshire FH, say drunk rider damaged car

….. 29th January – Antis protest at Exeter against police inaction on illegal hunting

….. 29th January – Notts sabs reveal another hunting vicar, at Belvoir FH

….. 28th January – Badsworth FH rider whips & tries to ride down sab

….. 28th January – Antis demand sack for Dwyryd FH JM convicted of badger baiting

….. 28th January – Sabs stop Cotswold Vale FH killing foxes by rating/drawing hounds

….. 28th January – Sabs find Crawley FH coursing fox in an enclosed field

….. 28th January – Bolebroke Beagles killed at least one hare say sabs

….. 28th January – Hampshire FH pack chase deer on to road, hound nearly run over

….. 28th January – S. Dorset/Portman FHs all over busy road in bad weather 

….. 28th January – Eggesford FH hunt foxes, riot on deer, sabs stop dig out

….. 27th January – Sabs cause early pack up of Oakley FH & N.Bucks Beagles

….. 27th January – Sabs save fox from death at hands of Tedworth FH

….. 27th January – Surrey Union said to have trespassed on NT land

….. 27th January – Escaped fox saved from Belvoir FH & muntjac rescued by sabs

….. 26th January – Blencathra FH hunt on NPA land with terrier quads – not allowed

….. 26th January – Fitzwilliam FH visited by cops after wouldn’t let refuse lorry through

….. 25th January – ‘Trail hunting’ alibi issue raised in Commons for the first time

….. 25th January – Woman sees deer badly mauled in ‘trail hunt’ by Cambridge FH

….. 25th January – Shepherd angry as Grafton hounds run through pregnant sheep

….. 25th January – N. Shrops FH Huntsman spends much of meet looking for hounds

….. 25th January – Cheshire Forest FH hunt by M56, fox escapes over motorway bridge 

….. 24th January – Female sab assaulted by Old Surrey FH follower

….. 24th January – Wynnstay FH invade village after fox, monitors think killed later

….. 24th January – N. Wales hunter convicted of molesting female sab

….. 24th January – Atherstone FH supporter guilty of driving without due care

….. 22nd January – Police probe after sabs find Eggesford FH digging out fox

….. 22nd January – Police insist Suffolk FH actually follow trails while hunting!

….. 22nd January – Four Burrow FH hunted through nature reserve

….. 22nd January – Wildlife Trust defends having Wynnstay FH host as Trustee

….. 21st January – Cumberland FH seen hunting ‘as if ban never happened’

….. 21st January – Monitors see Cheshire FH chase foxes, think one killed

….. 20th January – Old Surrey FH follow trails but still flush a fox

….. 20th January – Locals furious after Oakley FH rampage through village & gardens

….. 20th January – Portman FH reported trespassing on N.T’s Hambledon Hill

….. 20th January – Fitzwilliam FH hunt in nature reserve and on into nightfall

….. 19th January – Postings show true nature of guilty ‘Hunt Steward’ Shaun Stacey

….. 18th January – Atherstone FH hounds suffer kennel cough again

….. 18th January – Cheshire Forest FH trespass on NT land, fail to put up foxes

….. 18th January – Cheshire hunt thug loses appeal against 9 year rape sentence

….. 18th January – Meynell FH terrierman attacks sabs, breaking one’s nose

….. 17th January – Hunt ‘steward’ convicted of head-butting sab at Oakley FH meet

….. 17th January – Monitor presence deters Waveney Harriers from dig-out of fox

….. 17th January – Parish Council complains to Fitzwilliam FH re. village invasion

….. 17th January – ‘Cheshire Against the Hunt’ stage protest at meet venue

….. 17th January – Police investigate reports of illegal hunt in Bicester FH country

….. 16th January – 6 cats still missing week after E. Sussex FH invaded sanctuary

….. 16th January – Huntsman/JM & terrierman Dwyryd FH convicted of animal fighting

….. 16th January – ‘Key member’ of Puckeridge FH confused about how ‘trail hunting’ works

….. 14th January – Sab seriously injured after very violent attack at Dart Vale FH

….. 14th January – Warks FH chase fox thru village, hound enters house with baby

….. 14th January – Sabs menaced, one assaulted at Cheshire FH, locals help antis

….. 13th January – Surrey Union Huntsman’s horse nearly drowns after ridden into bog

….. 13th January – Sab assaulted by Fife FH Huntsman as guards fox’s bolt hole

….. 13th January – Fitzwilliam FH lie to police over ‘trail’ – sabs cause early pack-up

….. 12th January – Councillor in hot water over FB post after B.Day Hunt protest

….. 11th January – Lone monitor says Blackmore FH chased and killed fox

….. 11th January – Atherstone FH meets cancelled, supposedly due to ‘virus’

….. 10th January – Wynnstay FH hunt and kill fox in North Wales

….. 10th January – Cheshire Forest FH killed another fox say monitors

….. 10th January – East Sussex FH hounds ‘out of control’ at

…..  5th January – Woman rider who whipped sab 17 times will face no charges

…..  5th January – Ex VC of Spooners FH cautioned for violent assault on sab

…..  5th January – Scottish police warn against holding of illegal hare-coursing event

…..  5th January – Sussex police refuse to act against road-illegal hunt quads

…..  3rd January – Atherstone FH supporters throw missiles at sab car

…..  3rd January – Blackmore FH hunt foxes though police around after gardens trespass

…..  1st January – Silverton FH kill fox in front of sab and Huntsman


….. 22nd December – Ex police Chief Super watches his Warwickshire FH chase fox

….. 21st December –  Sabs save hunted fox from dig-out by Eggesford FH

….. 21st December –  Sabs foil Vale of the White Horse FH attempt to catch fox

….. 20th December – Pub hosting Grove & Rufford FH Boxing Day meet gets ‘death threats’

….. 19th December – Village inn will host Grove & Rufford FH after Council banned them

….. 18th December – Sabs reveal Warks FH high level support in police, Council, Lords

….. 17th December – Sabs film fox kill by Warwickshire FH hounds

….. 17th December – Woman sab has chest injury after attacked by huge E.Kent FH terrierman

….. 17th December – Sab punched and kicked as Cheshire FH fox chase fails

….. 17th December – York & Ainsty S FH chase fox through pregnant sheep flock

….. 16th December – North Bucks Beagles pack up when sabs appear

….. 14th December – Bawtry Council bans Grove & Rufford FH meet over hunting convictions

….. 10th December – Beaufort FH hounds chase & mark fox to ground in scrapyard by fast road

….. 10th December – Sab video shows Flint & Denbigh FH hounds uncontrolled on road

…..  9th December – Heythrop FH chase fox across main road, sabs find 8 blocked setts

…..  9th December – Sabs cause Sandhurst Beagles to pack up, then hunter assaults woman

…..  9th December – Portland FH twice allow hounds to run on rounds, disrupting traffic

…..  9th December – Crawley FH chase four foxes, hunt on till after dark

…..  8th December – Sabs film Warwickshire FH blatantly hunting a fox

…..  7th December – Waveney Harriers hound believed killed in road accident

…..  7th December – Sabs say police acted as security for Dunston Harriers

…..  7th December – Ridden-at sabs think Waveney Harriers killed  fox, hounds on A roads

…..  6th December – Warks FH – Foxes hunted till dark, trespass, road chaos, violence

…..  6th December – Four setts found blocked where N.Cotswold FH were hunting

…..  5th December – Sab driver assaulted by S.Tetcott support who tried to steal camera

…..  5th December – Middleton FH terrierman filmed blocking fox dens

…..  5th December – Antis help 3 foxes escape Oakley FH – and sab is headbutted

…..  5th December – N.Cotswold FH: 2 foxes saved, blocked setts, sab kicked in back

…..  4th December – Sabs stop dig-out at Puckeridge FH – hounds kill pheasant instead

…..  4th December – Fitzwilliam FH hounds after fox run riot through village of Upwood

…..  4th December – Middleton FH rider who assaulted sabs owns huge grouse shoot estate

…..  3rd December – Wiltshire & Military Beagles hound killed on major road, one badly hurt

…..  3rd December – Middleton FH mounted meet host and hired thugs assault sabs

…..  3rd December – Don’t laugh – sabs see New Forest Beagles actually trail hunting

…..  3rd December – Cheshire Forest FH frustrated as Huntsman throws punch at sab

…..  3rd December – Anger as unlicenced Hunts, with terriermen, trespass on NT land

…..  3rd December – Sab success with ‘bait ball’ tactic to thwart Bolebroke Beagles

…..  3rd December – N.Staffs terriermen add indecent exposure to litany of offences

…..  2nd December – Fitzwilliam FH supporters cheered as fox caught and killed by eagle

…..  2nd December – Sabs menaced by Meynell FB gang – one said he’d rape female sab

…..  2nd December – Sabs handed trail map by Southdown FH – who mostly follow it!

…..  2nd December – Fernie FH hounds run on A road as crazed supporter reported to police

…..  2nd December – SNP delegates vote for full ban on hunting with dogs

…..  2nd December – Surrey Union FH hounds in cry on road in near darkness

…..  2nd December – Sabs find dead fox in road after Silverton FH terrierman threw stones

…..  2nd December – NT say West Somerset Vale FH apologised for trespassing

…..  1st December – Farmer vents fury at Cattistock FH for terrifying her sheep

…..  1st December – Cotswold FH mob’s violent attacks on women sabs end in just 1 caution

…..  1st December – Warwickshire FH hunt fox across A road, trespass on N.Trust land again

…..  1st December – Gizmo used to save fox about to be caught by S.Durham FH hounds



….. 29th November – Terriermen filmed blocking badger sett before Cheshire FH meet

….. 29th November – Monitors save fox from Cheshire FH as farmer complains of road blocking

….. 28th November – Activists claim NT is licencing violent criminality by Hunts

….. 28th November – Green MSP to move Bill for total ban on hunting in Scotland

….. 28th November – Film of alleged assaults on female sabs at Ledbury FH opening meet

….. 28th November – Quorn FH said to have trespassed on NT land and elsewhere

….. 28th November – Badsworth FH hounds run around on A road – on a Sunday

….. 27th November – Sabs driven into by huntsman at joint beagle pack meet

….. 27th November – Sabs believe Easton Harriers killed a hare in a garden

….. 27th November – Cornwall sabs threatened by metal bar wielding hunter at end of day

….. 27th November – Blencathra FH hunt all over SSSI and its rare flora

….. 27th November – Sabs think Dart Vale Harriers may have killed ‘bagged’ fox

….. 27th November – May overruled colleagues to include election pledge on hunt ban

….. 26th November – Sabs driven into, female sabs ridden into at Ledbury South FH

….. 26th November – North Cotswold FH hounds run uncontrolled on busy road

….. 26th November – Wynnstay FH scared school kids, spooked horses, ran riot thru village

….. 26th November – Sabs say police ignored Atherstone FH law-breaking and blocked road

….. 26th November – Portman & Wilton FHs riders & hounds take over B road

….. 25th November – Old Surrey FH [pretend to?] lay trail through field of sheep

….. 25th November – Sabs save fox being hunted by Eggesford FH

….. 25th November – Banwen Miners FH lose most of pack in shambolic meet

….. 25th November – Sabs save hunted fox from Grove & Rufford FH

….. 25th November – Whip of D&S SH says Eggesford FH hounds killed on railway

….. 25th November – ‘Ugly’ film of Fife FH fox kill released by Scottish Sun

….. 25th November – Quorn FH berated by landowner for disturbing horses, 5 foxes escape

….. 24th November – On day woman sab punched, Warks FH treated their horses like this…

….. 24th November – Warwickshire FH thug gets caution for splitting open eye of woman sab

….. 24th November – Woman sab-whipper in angry, abusive rant at sabs – 3 weeks earlier

….. 23rd November – Monitors release yet another film of Grafton FH hunting fox

….. 22nd November – Atherstone FH Director guilty of assault, homophobia, skipped bail

….. 22nd November – Woman who whipped sab 17 times is part of London luxury hotel dynasty

….. 22nd November – Women monitors ridden at by South Durham FH – 2 foxes escaped

….. 21st November – Monitors see Cheshire FH kill fox in front of them – evidence to police

….. 20th November – Sabs upload film of potentially fatal attack by Badsworth FH terriermen

….. 20th November – Forestry Commission confirms Grafton FH not permitted to hunt in woods

….. 20th November – Another sab arrested – for trying to protect self from being ridden down

….. 20th November – Female sabs attacked by Ledbury S FH riders – after fox thought killed

….. 20th November – Sab explains why she braves so much to save animals from Hunts

….. 20th November – Cheshire Forest FH hemmed in by angry landowners & monitors

….. 19th November – Monitors film Grafton FH chasing fox yet again

….. 19th November – LACS obtains film of another ‘illegal’ hunt by Fife FH last Wednesday

….. 19th November – Sabs and their vehicle attacked at Badsworth & Bramham FH

….. 19th November – East Sussex FH rider rides horse into sab and repeatedly hits another

….. 19th November – Sab ‘violently assaulted’ at Flint & Denbigh FH – then arrested

….. 18th November – Berwickshire FH kill fox then snatch corpse back, assaulting sabs

….. 18th November – Sab arrested at Dunston Harriers as police ride with terriermen

….. 18th November – Sab ridden over at Ledbury South FH & fox believed ‘chopped’

….. 18th November – ‘Hounds Off’ uploads film of Blackmore FH hunting a fox

….. 18th November – Blocked sett found where Quorn FH seen hunting a fox

….. 17th November – Monitors believe Sandhurst Beagles killed 5 hares – 3 filmed

….. 17th November – NT make excuses for Warwickshire FH trespassing on their land

….. 17th November – NT blah-blahs in response to report of trespass by a Somerset Hunt

….. 17th November – Lone sab finds 2 blocked setts at Ledbury FH and rates hounds off fox

….. 15th November – North Staffs FH follower spills beans on Hunt activity to monitors

….. 15th November – Beaufort FH hunter incriminates them via apology for A46 incident

….. 15th November – Monitors ‘sorry’ for misinterpreting evidence re. Zetland FH terriermen

….. 14th November – Hunt in Kent kills fox in front of sabs – police investigating

….. 14th November – Monitor ‘Pull hounds off fox’ – S.Durham FH Huntsman ‘Why should I?’

….. 14th November – Warks FH filmed hunting on NT land – no licence and with terriermen

….. 14th November – S.Durham FH cross busy A688 in front of bus – riders also on road

….. 14th November – Resident complains of frequent invasions of his garden by Quorn FH

….. 14th November – Radnor & W.Hereford FH trespass, scaring pets and livestock

….. 13th November – Driver says W.Somerset Vale FH chased fox into road in front of her

….. 13th November – Film of multiple fox chases by Grafton FH over last two years uploaded

….. 13th November – Lake District fox hunt seen trespassing on Nat. Trust land

….. 13th November – Two blocked setts and fox being hunted found at N.Cotswold FH

….. 13th November – Blocked sett and fox being chased found at Heythrop FH

….. 13th November – Cotswold Vale Farmers FH hounds all over a road – police ‘concerned’

….. 12th November – Sab victim at Warks FH says assailant is ex Director of Hunt

….. 12th November – York & Ainsty South FH drove hare under wheels of passing car

….. 12th November – South Devon FH rider attacks two sabs, injuring one

….. 12th November – SNP Council receives resolution to effectively ban hunting with dogs

….. 12th November – Sabs prevent dig-out at Lanarkshire FH meet

….. 12th November – Antis save at least one, nearly beaten, fox from Cattistock FH

….. 12th November – Former hosts of Hare Week have moved in with North Pennine FH

….. 12th November – Cheshire FH filmed chasing fox near village [it escaped]

….. 11th November – Landowner calls police out as N.Irish fox hunt invades her property

….. 11th November – Fernie FH let flock of sheep out on to road

….. 11th November – Vale of the White Horse FH chased fox, rioted twice on deer

….. 11th November – Police send 4 cars at behest of Silverton FH – they hassle sabs

….. 11th November – Hampshire FH bring A31 to standstill – sabs cause early pack-up

….. 11th November – Sabs say Ledbury South terrorised cattle & sheep but got no foxes

….. 11th November – Cumbria Huntwatch challenge to Hunts unanswered 3 years on

….. 11th November – Sabs ensure kill-free day at Fernie FH and pack up Westerby Bassetts

….. 11th November – Four sab groups thwart Puckeridge FH, cause early pack up

…..  9th November – Female sab in hospital after punched in face by male Warks FH hunter

…..  9th November – S.Durham FH hunt on railway line – female monitor shove nearly over

…..  9th November – Fox kill by Mendip Farmers FH reported by member of public

…..  9th November – Monitors film Grafton FH hunting at least two foxes

…..  9th November – North Cotswold FH hunt fox across bTb case farm

…..  8th November – Monitors see Cheshire Forest FH kill fox right in front of them

…..  8th November – Blatant fox hunting & assaults on sabs at Crawley FH opening meet

…..  8th November – Sabs certain that Easton Harriers hunted and killed hare

…..  8th November – Cheshire Forest FH chase fox into garden. Residents upset, cat missing

…..  6th November – Beaufort FH hounds on A46 again – one run over by car

…..  5th November – West Somerset Vale FH fox hunt openly, including on Nat Trust land

…..  5th November – Fife FH hunt fox – no guns Huntsman filmed whipping hound

…..  5th November – Sab allegedly racially abused at Berwickshire FH meet

…..  5th November – Suffolk FH supporters assault sabs – police sit & watch hunting

…..  5th November – Beaufort FH hound nearly run over on A46 as Hunt chasing fox

…..  4th November – Sabs attacked at Crawley FH as they hunt foxes as if no ban

…..  4th November – Braes o’Derwent FH kill fox and noisily celebrate in front of monitors

…..  4th November – N.Cotswold FH sett-blocker caught on camera – film passed to police

…..  4th November – S.Tetcott FH lose some hounds across river – sab wing mirror smashed

…..  4th November – Banwen Miners FH switch meet away from NT land – then hunt foxes

…..  4th November – Unsupervised Blencathra FH hounds filmed chasing fox – no trails laid

…..  4th November – Nat.Trust backs away from publishing specific routes for ‘trail hunts’

…..  4th November – Holidaymakers film Severn Vale FH hare hunting, including on road

…..  4th November – Sabs have to act late on to save tired fox hunted by Belvoir FH

…..  3rd November – Sab car driven into at Ledbury FH opening meet – support issue threats

…..  3rd November – Warks FH chase fox on to A45, cause road havoc

…..  3rd November – Animal shelter says rescue dog traumatised by Hunt incursion

…..  3rd November – Blencathra FH hounds chased fox – just managed to escape

…..  2nd November – Monitors give film of Cheshire FH chasing fox to police

…..  2nd November – Fox killed at Fife FH, sabs think by hounds

…..  2nd November – Villagers let Blackmore FH know they’re not wanted – fox escapes

…..  2nd November – Beaufort FH yobs very yobbish – fox flees across busy A road

…..  2nd November – New Defence Secretary took £2.5k donation from CEO of the MFHA

…..  1st November – Monitors arrive to find Wynnstay FH chasing fox – may have killed

…..  1st November – Old Surrey FH seriously spook horses, one found after six hour search

…..  1st November – Modbury FH accused of blocking road, child seen beating her pony

…..  1st November – N.Cotswold FH trespassed in quarry – and blocked setts, say sabs

…..  1st November – Damien Green MP, very pro-hunt, accused of ‘inappropriate behaviour’

…..  1st November – Atherstone FH JM  ignores her own advice not to clash with antis

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