Truth about Hunts Causing Chaos

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Shocking images of hunts allowing their hounds to run dangerously out of control on roads. Are police failing to uphold the law and control hunts to prevent accidents and keep motorists safe?

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Are hunts allowing their hounds to run riot on roads, causing a major risk to the safety of other road users ?
In the UK, we are suppose to have laws (Section 27 of the Road Traffic Act) to protect road users from the dangers of others. So we must ask ourselves : why are police not upholding these laws when hunts break them ?
Every week, over 30,000 hunting hounds run riot over our countryside and public roads, killing wildlife and running a high risk of spreading disease from farm to farm.
To avoid being prosecuted under the Hunting with Dogs Act, hunts deceitfully allow their hounds to run ahead, uncontrolled and out of sight, allowing them to exploit loop holes in the law by claiming it was an accident.


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Road Traffic Act 1988 – Section 27

The Road Traffic Act 1988 is now over thirty years old. Since then, the volume of traffic carried on all of our roads has increased, including our rural roads. 

Hunts recklessly allowing their loose uncontrolled hunting hounds on our roads has now become a major concern.


Road Traffic Act 1988 – Section 27

(1) A person who causes or permits a dog to be on a designated road without the dog being held on a lead is guilty of an offence.

(4) An order under this section may provide that subsection (1) above shall apply subject to such limitations or exceptions as may be specified in the order, and (without prejudice to the generality of this subsection) subsection (1) above does not apply to dogs proved –

(a) to be kept for driving or tending sheep or cattle in the course of a trade or business, or

(b) to have been at the material time in use under proper control for sporting purposes.


Designated roads (s27-1)
Note : Designated roads are roads which central government has responsibility for (not local council authority). Trunk routes (M) class and some (A) class roads are classed as designated roads. Therefore this law only applies on certain roads.

Material time (s27-4b)
Note : This means hounds must be being used for sporting purpose at the time to be exempt.

Under proper control (s27-4b)
Note : Hounds running loose on roads dodging in between oncoming traffic is not under proper control.

Sporting purpose (s27-4b)
Note : For hounds to come under this exemption, they must be used for sporting purposes at the material time. Foxhunting (the use of a pack of dogs to chase a fox) is now illegal. Neither trail hunting, Cub hunting or hound exercise is a sport and therefore It is questionable if these activities should come under this exemption. This depends how the law defines a sport.

Definition of a sporting activity : an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
As hunts are only competing against an artificial pre-laid trail (so they claim) it gives grounds to question trail hunting as a sport within the law. We are unsure if this has ever been questioned in court.

As hunts can no longer legally chase a wild animal with a pack of hounds, so therefore “Trail Hunting” cannot actually be classed as a sport (i.e competing against any particular thing), hounds should now be classed as leisure dogs and not sporting hounds. Therefore, they should not come under any sporting exemptions.

Regardless if hunts are participating in a sporting activity or not, they are still required by law to keep their hounds “under proper control“.

Hunts should no longer be allowed to claim exemption under sporting purposes on any public road


The law states (Road Traffic Act 1988 – Section 27) that dogs must be kept under proper control. 

However, a loophole in the Act (section 27:1) only ensures this applies to certain designated roads (Government maintained) i.e motorways, major trunk roads etc. 

This law is not applicable to other non-designated (Council maintained) roads, which includes many busy A & B roads. 


Police do have various powers at their disposal, to ensure loose hunt hounds are kept under proper control on roads and are not a risk to other road users, as the law requires, although there seems to be a failing by police and legal system to ensure this.


Another loophole exemption (section 27 : 4b) allowing the hunt hounds on our roads, for sporting purposes.

(It is most concerning that 30 years ago the law sees a sporting activity on our busy roads as an exemption and acceptable.) 


However, now that the sport of hunting wild animals with hounds has been banned since 2004, hunts can no longer legally participate in the sport of fox, deer and hare hunting; as there is now no such sport, this exemption should no longer apply. 

Even under this exemption, hunts are still required to keep their hounds under proper control 

(4b) to have been at the material time in use under proper control for sporting purposes.


Hunts still try to use this old exemption to avoid prosecution for failing to keep their hounds under proper control, which is something the police frequently neglect to enforce. 

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Quad bike rules

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Hunt riders recklessly galloping on roads is a regular occurrence. This is this extremely dangerous and increases the risk of the horse slipping, losing control, accidents and safety issues. It is also a horse welfare issue, increasing the risk to the horse of unnecessary injury, strain and concussion. This is cruel, unnecessary, and selfishly done by arrogant riders who care little for their horses.

.Hunts galloping on roads
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Are Police Crime Commissioners failing to ensure the police are upholding the law and being effective in controlling hunts ?
Hunts claim they follow a laid artificial scent trail … on roads ? … on railway lines ? … in areas totally inaccessible to horses ? … We all know hunts lie and are really illegally hunting foxes, however, why are Police Crime Commissioners not holding Police Chiefs accountable for their failings?

Police Crime Commissioners
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The police are governed by their directive from the NPCC. If you have ever taken the time to fully read “Police Operational Advice on Hunting” (directive), you will fully understand why police fail to uphold the law on hunting.

Link  :  Police Operational Advice on Hunting (directive)

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