Truth about Terrier men

WARNING : This page may contain images which some people may find upsetting.


Terriermen and Digging Out

This must be one of the most brutal and cruelest parts of hunting, not only for the foxes & badgers, but also for the terrier dogs used.  All suffer horrific injuries.

Terriermen are usually seen on quad bikes armed with digging out tools and boxes attached to quad bikes which contain their terrier dogs.  They are employed by hunts and seem to have three main parts to play :-

  1. To dig/flush out foxes that have gone to ground using their terrier dogs.
  2. To block up fox den and badger set holes to prevent foxes going to ground.
  3. Hired masked thugs who attack monitors to intimidate and prevent filming.

Dog fighting is suppose to be banned in the UK; yet a loophole in the Hunting Act allows terriermen to send dogs underground into dens of foxes (foxes are also a species of dog) where cruel and barbaric dog fighting takes place. The foxes are dragged out of their dens by terriers (if not killed underground) and thrown to a pack of hounds/dogs to be ripped apart. This also happens with badgers.

Unbelievably loop holes in the law still allow terriermen.  The law states that terrier men are allowed to flush out a fox using  two dogs but one dog allowed underground at a time ….  once a fox has been dug out, it must be shot. This rarely happens and law enforcement is never around to ensure this law is enforced.  There is no closed season for this practice and it happens all year round, even when fox cubs are present and the fox parents are frantically trying to protect their babies.

Terriermen hide their faces behind masks as they don’t want to be filmed.  It takes a very cruel person with a twisted mind to be a terrierman.

The only way to prevent this brutal cruelty is a total ban on terriermen and the use of their terrier dogs.  Animals should not be brutally dragged out of the ground or endure hours of fighting and being ripped apart.  This is not only barbaric for the wild animals but also the terrier dogs used.

Foxes have been persecuted for centuries with hunting, shooting, snaring, poisoning and trapping, all of which still happen on a regular basis.

If hunts where obeying the law and not killing foxes (as they claim) then why do hunts need terriermen present on supposedly legal trail hunts. (The lies they tell.)  Just the presence of terriermen on a hunt indicates illegal activity but the police never question their presence.

This is one of the most brutal and disgusting laws our government shamefully still allows.

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