Leaked video exposes hunting smokescreen

BREAKING NEWS – Trail hunting finally exposed as a lie

(Credit to the Hunt Saboteurs Association for exposing this)
Hunt saboteurs are members of the public who monitor hunts for illegal activity, doing the job the police should be doing. They try and prevent hunts from illegally hunting wild animals. The good guys.


When the “Hunting with Dogs Act 2004” came into force 15 years ago, Hunts changed their name to “Trail Hunts” as a guise and smokescreen to enable them to carry on hunting wildlife. For 15 yrs, they have lied to the public, lied to police and lied in court (perjury) claiming they do not hunt illegally and stay within the law.

Secretly filmed (by Hunt Saboteurs) online Zoom webinars run by the Hunting Office, show evidence of the Hunting Lobby deviously plotting to commit perjury and actively flout the hunting ban, bringing the legal system into disrepute.

Throughout the three hours of talks, hunts are clearly and repeatedly incited by leaders of the hunting community (Lords and ex-police officers) to engage in massive criminality and are shown how to present a smokescreen to anyone watching and filming on hunting days.

At one point, an ex-police officer (Phil Davies) says “I hope no police officers are watching”.

Video 1:
Transcripts of video 1 can be read here.

Video 2:
Transcripts of video 2 can be read here.

They talk about creating “smokescreens” that allow them to continue hunting illegally under the guise of trail hunting and provide a defence in court for hunters.

The Zoom meetings were run by the Hunting Office in August and were attended by over a hundred and fifty hunt masters from across the country.

The Zoom meetings were run by the Hunting Office in August and were attended by over a hundred and fifty hunt masters from across the country

Participants in these webinars include Lord Mancroft (Chairman of the MFHA), Phil Davies (Consultant to the Countryside Alliance and Former Police Chief Inspector), Paul Jelley (Committee member of the AMHB and Former Police Officer), Mark Hankinson (Director of MFHA), and Richard Tyacke (Director of AMHB).

These deplorable instructions in these exposed videos are vehemently appalling, and highlight the extensive intent of corruption and reckless disregard for the 2004 Hunting Act, by such peers as the representative of The Countryside Alliance, The Hunting Office, The FoxHound Association, An Ex-Police officer, An Ex-Police Chief Inspector, and a Government Official, as well as over one hundred and fifty Hunt Masters, in attendance of the webinars. Bringing the UK’s legal system into disrepute.

The participants in these webinars are teaching “deceptive” tactics to “bypass” the restrictive elements of the Hunting Act – allowing hunters to create “smokescreens” that permit them to hunt illegally, whilst portraying the guise of an “Organised Trail Hunt”. Then going on to commit perjury in court claiming they are just trail hunting.

Lord Benjamin Mancroft  (A tory member of the House of Lords, Chair of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) and former Chair of the Countryside Alliance) 

 Advises hunts on how to avoid prosecution for illegal fox hunting.
Quote : “Those of you who are filming and recording, don’t stand there recording the opposition blowing horns saying, “isn’t it marvellous that they haven’t seen us because we’ve just caught a fox behind them” or something like that”

He is making a suggestion that if you have hunt saboteurs out with the hunts (i.e filming) throughout the day, you need to ensure the deceptive pretend trail you have just laid to fool on lookers is plausible, in case you are questioned..
Quote : “If you have hunt saboteurs out with you throughout the day, you need a plausible laid trail”


Mark Hankinson  (Director of the Master of Foxhounds Association)

 How to con people into believable they have laid a trail

 Quote : “It a lot easier to create a smokescreen if you’ve got more than one trail layer operating and that’s is what its all about, trying to portray to the people watching that you’re going about legitimate business”.

He also suggests using:

 Quote : “something foul smelling on the end of the drag” in case an anti grabs it and realises … just a clean hanky”.


He also suggests how to avoid being prosecuted by using a bird of prey as a wheeze (ulterior plan) when sending a pack of hounds into a covert to flush a fox out, but goes on to explain that it lacks viability if you want a five mile hunt (chase) afterwards.

 Quote : “The law states you can use a pack of dogs to flush a wild mammal to be hunted by a bird of prey. Now that’s a terribly good wheeze for holding up, and i think that everyone during autumn hunting ought to be considering that.  However, it lacks viability if you’re having a five mile hunt. So really at that stage once the quarry is gone you very much need your trail laying exemption”.


Phil Davies  (Ex police Inspector & Consultant to the Countryside Alliance)

 Was also keen on the idea of a smokescreen saying:

 Quote : “Now you know more about hunting than the saboteurs or the courts will know but what it will do is create that smokescreen or that element of doubt that we haven’t deliberately hunted a fox, so if nothing else you need to record that and it will help us provide a defence to huntsmen.”


Richard Tyacke  (Chairman of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB), Hunting Office Executive Director  and former Master and Huntsman of the Wynnstay Hunt.)

 Its hard to pretend you have laid a trail for foot beagle packs who hunt hares, so when sabs/monitors turn up, he advises they go home 

 Quote : “Currently most beagle packs go home if sabs or monitors are present. This is the safe and sensible course of action……What is not acceptable is to carry on regardless with them all around you as if they weren’t there.”


Paul Jelley  (Master of the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles from 1990 – 2013 and a Police Officer for 30 years) 

 Suggests that hunts purchase phones for the purpose of concealing criminality: 

 Quote : “So something for you hunt staff and terriermen, trail layers and everybody to consider, if you’re recording evidence for the Hunting Act, trail laying, whatever, don’t use the same phones or anything you’ve been using for social media and bragging about what you’ve been doing out hunting.”


He advises Hunt Masters that:

 Quote  :  “All you have to do is produce a small element of doubt into their case for you to get off.”  


He then discusses 95% of the police have no knowledge of hunting offences and also verifies what we already know, that there are a percentage of police officers who are keen hunt supporters, therefore a conflict of interest, biased and lacking impartiality.

 Quote  :  “The other 5%, you’re going to get pretty much a split down the middle, half of them are going to be keen hunting folk, there are police officers who are keen hunting folk, the other half are going to be raving antis.”



Richard Gurney  (Horse & Hound columnist)

 Richard Gurney brags in the webinar about not only getting away with killing a fox, but convincing the police questioning them that hunt sabs did it instead. Where they would pretend to lay a fake trail that would stand out more if being filmed.

 Quote : “So when the Master said, ‘go and sort plan B’, off they went and they discussed where, if there was a problem, they would lay trails, things that would stand out if they were filmed.. and we produced to the police a complete package whereby they concluded it was our opponents who had got the fox killed that day and not ourselves”


Get one in the can. This could mean two things, suggesting that hunts pretend to lay a trail and film it early in the day, so if they are questioned they have a film showing their pretence trail .. or .. get a fox kill before monitors/sabs turn up.

 Quote : “Get one in the can” 


He discusses how they use ‘Plan B’, laying trails when Monitors/sabs has arrived. 

 Quote : “…the Master of the day decided, that we should revert to Plan B, Plan B being obviously using our team to lay trails for the rest of the day because it became clear that the antis had arrived…”



Trail hunting lies fooled politicians, police forces and organisations like the National Trust.


Police were gullible and quick to buy into this national lie that hunts where “Hunting within the Law”.

Police web pages are silent without a mention of illegal fox, stag, hare hunting done by Hunts, but are full of poaching and coursing incidents.

The directive from the NPCC is to just police hunts for public disorder.

No crime prevention policing strategy to control illegal foxhunting.


Pro hunt Lords and MPs helped to spread the smokescreen lies by claiming trail hunting was perfectly legal, all the time knowing it was a lie and national disgrace, conning the public into believing that hunting wild animals was banned.


15 years and thousands upon thousands of evidence of hunts caught on camera hunting wild animals being dismissed by the pro hunt lobby as fake edited videos or just a little accident.

Yet still the pro hunt lobby and Countryside Alliance continue with these lies and cover ups.


This has been one of the biggest ongoing disgraceful cover-ups this country has ever seen.


The pro hunt lobby mission was also to try and discredit foxes as vermin, with tales of the country being overrun by foxes attacking babies and livestock, with these tabloid stories only later being exposed as lies.


Responding to the videos, Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, commented: “These videos provide irrefutable proof of what we have long known – almost every single fox, hare, deer and mink hunt in the UK is routinely flouting the Hunting Act and illegally hunting and killing live animals.

This is a nationwide conspiracy being perpetrated by peers and ex-police officers”.




2004 – The Simon Hart & Lord Daresbury email scandal

 Hunters have always wrongly claimed that the countryside is overrun with foxes, the fox population needs to be controlled and fox hunting was a good way of doing this. 

Rural foxes are in steep decline (loss of 47%) but what hunts don’t admit to is rearing foxes to hunt because their numbers are so low.


 Leaked email 2004 :  Lord Daresbury was Chairman of the Master of Fox Hounds Associations when he made perhaps the biggest single blunder in the history of the hunting lobby.

In early 2004 he wrote to all registered Fox Hunt chairmen, urging hunts to get ‘their’ farmers to provide plenty of opportunities for foxes to breed on their land, as they were running short of foxes to hunt in many areas. 

Bang goes their ‘pest control’ argument. 

Simon Hart, then CEO of the Countryside Alliance (now a Tory MP, though still in receipt of £30k a year from the hunting lobby), emailed him back, tearing him off a strip for being so bloody stupid.


Article : The man behind Hunting Simon Hart

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