Deliberate Tactic




Hunts often use the deliberate "Hang back" tactic and allow their hounds to run riot uncontrolled (considerable distance) ahead, so hunts can avoid being seen to encourage their hounds to chase wildlife, thus avoiding prosecution.
Its a pity the courts do not see through this deliberate tactic.

By courts allowing hunts to get away with this tactic they are giving the green light for hunts to allow their hounds to :

* Chase wildlife. (Illegal).
* Trespass. (Civil offence).
* Run uncontrolled on public highway. (Illegal).
* Trespass on railway lines. (Illegal).
* Invade peoples gardens. (Civil offence?).
* Attack pets and other animals. (Illegal if people feel threatened).
* Defecate in public places without being picked up. (Illegal).
* Endangering hounds, motorists and people. (Illegal).
* Obstructing rights of way. (Illegal).


There are many laws (associated crimes) that hunts break besides the "Hunting Act" but courts fail to prosecute.


Some people think the new trespass laws will also restrict hunts… however… I doubt this will include the trespass by hounds or hunts using the excuse "they were just collecting their hounds so trespass was necessary to prevent accidents" . So it is highly likely this new law will not affect hunts.


The courts are failing to acknowledge and act on the hunts deliberate act of Reckless behaviour.

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