What happens to animals when chased

when animals are chased

Hunts claim that hounds make a quick kill with a nip to the back of the neck.

If you have ever watched a fox being ripped apart by a pack of hounds you will know this certainly isn’t true. The actual death can take some time where the fox is used as a tug of war between the hounds and slowly ripped apart. This behaviour can be observed daily with domestic dogs pulling on a toy.

A study of post-mortem examinations of foxes killed by hounds relieve that foxes died from profound trauma inflicted by multiple wounds to the body.

The study showed that in many cases foxes are disembowelled first. The Burns report also concluded that hunting with dogs causes animal suffering both during the latter stages of the chase and at the kill.

A kill by a pack of hounds is one of the most brutal events to witness and totally unnecessary.

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