Jonathon Seed

Jonathon Seed standing for PCC election


In May 2021, former fox hunter Jonathon Seed is running to become a Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire.

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Special thanks to : Keep the Ban , Wiltshire Hunt Sabs , Bath Hunt Sabs for their input and being the driving force behind this campaign.

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Police Crime Commissioner

It is the PCC’s job to ensure that the police are held to account and ensure effective policing in your area, so it is important that you put pressure on your PCC to investigate issues concerning the lack of law enforcement for hunt related crimes.

If you feel your PCC is failing to ensure that police are held to account for their lack of law enforcement relating to hunting crimes, it may be time to vote for another PCC who will ensure laws on animal welfare and hunting are policed.


If you would like to raise a complaint about the suitability of a certain candidate (i.e conflict of interest, misleading the electorate, hidden agenda etc)  please see who to contact at the bottom of this page.

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 2021 PCC Elections

See who is standing for election  :  PCC 2021 Elections


In May 2021, former fox hunter Jonathon Seed is running to become a Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire.

It is of serious concern that someone who has been involved with hunting all of their life could be in a position of senior authority within the police. He has openly admitted to wanting the fox hunting ban overturned and even appeared in court for charges under the Hunting Act in 2012. 


His blatant and misleading denial of this court appearance, lack of transparency, hidden agenda, involvement with a violent hunt and his support for an illegal activity which has been exposed as a smokescreen, make him highly unsuitable as a Police and Crime Commissioner.


Trail Hunting exposed as a lie and smokescreen  :  Webinars

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Seed’s history with the hunts

 In the late 90s, Jonathon Seed was involved with the Royal Artillery Hunt. A report titled ‘The Royal Artillery Hunt Newsletter July 1999’ by Major Jonathon Seed describes the barbaric activty of ‘Cubhunting’ and the “best day of the season’ occurred when a ‘strong fox’ was chased over eleven miles by hounds.” 

In 1999 Jonathon Seed became the Hunt Master of the Avon Vale Hunt in Wiltshire (a role that he held pre-ban and up until 2011 which was his final season).
Soon after being elected as Wiltshire councillor and his court appearance for his role in illegally interfering with a badger sett,  Jonathon Seed resigned from the Avon Vale as huntmaster and decided to try and keep a low profile by joining the Ross Harriers hunt.

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Jonathon Seed’s link with Hunt Violence

The Avon Vale Hunt is one of the more notorious when it comes to violence. In 2005 (while Jonathon Seed was Hunt Master) the Hunt Saboteur Association reported that “The Avon Vale Hunt has seen regular intimidation and violence directed at hunt saboteurs from stewards, and huntsman Jonathon Seed recently boasted in hunting magazine “Horse and Hound” (20 January 2005) “We have a policy of zero tolerance for antis. If they step on private land, they will be nicked by our marshals.”


Anti’s monitor hunts to ensure they are not breaking the law and illegally hunting wildlife. The question then is how we are supposed to believe Jonathon Seed’s claim that he supports firm policing of illegal activity in the countryside and won’t have a bias against those monitoring and trying to stop illegal hunting?


Under the stewardship of Seed, “Two men operating as hunt “stewards” for the Avon Vale Hunt were arrested on Saturday 29th January after attacking hunt saboteurs from Pewsey Vale and Bath.


The stewards attacked 2 saboteurs as they walked along a bridleway between Great Chalfield Manor and Little Chalfield Farm near Holt in Wiltshire.”

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 Jonathon Seed’s court appearance

In 2012 Jonathon Seed appeared in court  alongside four other members of the Avon Vale Hunt, charged with breaching the 2004 Hunting Act.

Seed in court

Seed then went on to claim :

 “I have never been convicted of any wildlife offence or had any such allegation heard before a court. To say so or imply that I have is absolutely untrue.”


How Councillor Jonathon Seed got away with it


Five members of the Avon Vale hunt including a Wiltshire councillor Jonathan Seed and master of the hunt have appeared in court charged with breaching the Hunting Act 2004 by interfering with a badger set.


On the first day of the court trial two of the five men charged changed their plea to guilty so the remaining three could be let off.

RSPCA defends decision to drop prosecution against hunt members

13 May 2013 by Ian Griggs

(Article link)  The animal welfare charity successfully prosecuted two members of Avon Vale Hunt but dropped its case against the others.


The animal welfare charity RSPCA successfully prosecuted two members of Avon Vale Hunt at Chippenham Magistrates Court for interfering with a badger sett in March 2012


A spokesman for the charity said the reason it dropped the charges was because of a deal made between its prosecutors and defendants just days before the trial was to start.


“The defence changed its position to guilty pleas for two of the defendants, but only on the basis that the RSPCA would not continue the prosecution for alleged illegal hunting and would also drop all charges against the remaining three defendants,” which included Councillor Jonathon Seed.


The charity also said it gave the Crown Prosecution Service the chance to review independently the summonses for alleged offences under the Hunting Act early on in the case, at the request of the defendants’ legal team.

“The CPS was satisfied that there was a reasonable prospect of conviction on all charges,” the spokesman added.


A spokesman for the charity said court time and costs would have been saved if the defendants had accepted the strength of the RSPCA’s case earlier.


Mr Seed also tried to discredit the RSPCA by claiming the charity’s chief executive, Gavin Grant, was the election agent for a Liberal Democrat candidate in North Wiltshire constituency at the last General Election.

The RSPCA clarified the political status of its chief executive, Gavin Grant and said Grant was chair of the local Lib Dem party at the time and had signed endorsement papers for the candidate, but was not the election agent and had held no political office since joining the RSPCA.


Summary  :  The defence agreed to let two of the accused take the whole rap if charges against Councillor Jonathon Seed who was also master of the hunt were dropped. In other words it seems they threw two of the accused under the bus to save the other three. This prevented councillor Seed (if found guilty) receiving a criminal record. 

The five accused had wasted both court time and costs. 


Questions have to be raised if this was done on purpose to push up prosecution costs knowing they would just receive a small fine and it would be highly unlikely they would be made to pay costs.


It cost the RSPCA over £100,000 to bring this case to court. The two men where given small fines of £300 each (which is nothing for hunts to pay) with no additional costs. The judge refused to award the cost to cover the charity’s legal expenses.

This case clearly reveals Jonathon Seeds disingenuous character.

We find it extremely dishonest and disturbing that a candidate standing for the Police and Crime Commissioner would blatantly try and mislead the electorate regarding his case in 2012 in which he was brought before the court under 2004 Hunting Act charges.


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Jonathon Seed’s views of the Hunting Act

In 2005, following the introduction of the Hunting Act, Jonathon Seed made comments about the ban reported on by the BBC.


Seven years later in 2011, Seed spoke to  Wiltshire Times  and made the following statement:

“I look back with great fondness. I’ve got 20 years as a master and hunter in Wiltshire and now I think it’s time to move over.”


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Jonathon Seed’s hidden agenda / conflict of interest

He said he was confident the ban on fox hunting, introduced in 2004, would be overturned by Parliament in the forseeable future.

“We’ll get the ban overturned in due course,” he said. “The minister in charge has said he’d like to see it overturned.”


One only has to look at Seed’s Facebook page to see the sorts of pages and organisations that he supports. He has ‘liked’ the page ‘Boycott Lush for supporting hunt sabs’ as well as the page ‘The Ross Harriers’ who’s profile image reads ‘Felix says- Keep Hunting-

It is concerning that an elected official tasked with upholding the law has demonstrated support against the very law he is meant to be upholding.


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Jonathon Seed also sits on the Wiltshire County Council Crime panel

It is very concerning that Seed has be appointed to a position on the council’s crime panel given his past and connection with violence and hunting that has now been exposed nationwide as a smokescreen lie and cover for illegal hunting.

His lack of openness, honesty and possible hidden agenda is highly questionable.

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 Jonathon Seed’s response

In response to mounting pressure, Jonathon Seed took to Twitter to clarify his position on hunting. He claims to be in support of firm policing of all illegal activity in the countryside including illegal hunting. How is the public meant to believe these claims when he has been so vocal of his disdain for not only the ban on hunting but those who seek to prevent illegal activities? Seed was the Hunt Master of a hunt with a history of violence. It is clear from his previous comments that he supports a firmer approach to those who monitor hunts than he does to those actually carrying out the illegal killing of wildlife.

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 Who supports Jonathon Seed

 Vote OK supporting pro hunt candidates in elections


Quote  :  Vote-OK aims to ensure that in elections and by-elections they elect representatives that will understand and appreciate the ways of the countryside, and, amongst other measures, will reconsider the future of the Hunting Act 2004.


It is baffling how pro hunt organisations such as the Countryside Alliance and Masters of Foxhounds Association who have been implicated in crime & deceit, also currently under investigation by the police (Webinars) can be allowed to donate to “Vote Ok” who have a documented history of misleading the electorate.


The connection between “Vote OK” and the Countryside Alliance

Explanation and credit to : Wildlife Guardian

Leading figures in the Countryside Alliance, the main pro-hunt organisation (who claim and declare themselves to be politically non-aligned but have filled their ranks with high profile conservative MP’s) were party to the setting up of an organisation which is seeking to “evict” anti-hunting Labour MPs.


The Guardian 
 has seen a transcript of a telephone conference call involving the head of the alliance in which the participants discuss how the new group would send thousands of canvassers into marginal seats.

Knowing how unpopular hunting is with voters, Mr Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance spelt out the strategy, “It would be much cleverer if we never mentioned hunting at all.”


When the Guardian contacted the Countryside Alliance to inquire about its relationship with Vote-OK, a spokeswoman said: “There is no link.”


But when informed about the transcript of the conference call, Mr Simon Hart confirmed and admitted that the conversation had taken place.


The group “Vote OK” is fronted by huntsman Otis Ferry, son of Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry. Otis Ferry’s criminal record includes drink driving, failing to provide a breath sample after he was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and the cowardly assault on two women.


leaked email to the Daily Mirror revealed that, “We will only help candidates who give us an unequivocal commitment to support repeal when the time comes.”


Why is pro hunt “Vote OK” supporting pro hunt PCC candidates, what are they getting in return, why do they want to ensure pro hunt PCC candidates are elected, do they want to influence the policing of hunts ?


Placing a lifelong vocal supporter (Jonathon Seed) and participant in foxhunting in a position to influence police thinking and budgets via the Chief Constable does not suggest to me the impartiality required for such a role. Rather, it is insidious.


We question the legality of this, code of conduct and if this breaks electoral rules. Why has Mr Seed not declared involvement with all organisations i.e not declared names and financial transactions. Is this electoral malpractice?

This is Hunting UK  

 Mr Jonathon Seed continually claims he is not a member of any organisation that either supports him or campaigns to ensure pro hunting candidates are placed into positions of power and influence.


(TiHUK) Leaked meeting minutes 16/9/2018

 These minutes recently leaked, are from late 2018, confirming Jonathon Seeds appointment as a regional coordinator for “This is Hunting UK (TiHUK). 

These pro-hunt type organisations are the promotional arm of hunting, and work alongside the likes of the Hunting Office and Countryside Alliance to ensure hunting continues under the  smokescreen of trail hunting. Trail hunting lies

 Their purpose is to promote and normalise hunting, ensuring pro-hunting candidates are placed into positions of power to influence policing and enable traditional hunting to continue through backdoor means.

Statement 88372

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Testing and pushing the law
It is clear Mr Jonathon Seed has been a long-time supporter of foxhunting and has been quoted saying “wanting to test the law.”

It is deeply disturbing that Mr Seed has little respect for the law and even more worrying he is standing as Wiltshire candidate in the PCC election.


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Concerns have been raised over whether, if he is elected he will :

1.  Be capable of remaining unbiased and impartial with regards to bloodsports.


2.  Ensure that sufficient funding is made available to clamp down on illegal hunting.

3.  Not exploit his newly acquired powers to interfere with the monitoring or policing of bloodsports.


4.  Use his position to enable and cover for illegal hunting.


Given Mr Seeds history and involvement in legally-questionable activity, his lack of openness, honesty and possible hidden agenda which is highly questionable, this makes him totally unsuitable for the position of PCC.


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How To Take Action


Sign the  PETITION  A petition of no confidence in Jonathon Seed (Created by Keep the Ban)

Send a written complaint

If you have a concern regarding a PCC candidate (i.e their suitability, agenda, failure to declare court appearences, misleading public etc), Please write in (contacts below) to raise a complaint.


Link  :  Letter Template – Jonathon Seed

Please take action and use our letter template to raise a complaint regarding Jonathon Seed standing as a candidate for the PCC 2021 election


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