Truth about Scent Laying

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Trail Scent

The only trail hunts follow is a trail of lies.

Fox (trail) hunts claim they lay a trail i.e. fox based urine to follow.

This has to be questioned for a number of reasons :

* The UK does not manufacture fox based urine.

*  Hunts fail to produce evidence of where they are importing fox urine from or any scents, which once again questions if any of their scent claims are true.

* Considering there are over 250 fox (trail) hunts in the UK all hunting approx twice a week, thousands of gallons of fox urine would be needed, which dismisses their fake claims that they use fox urine or even lay a trail at all.

* Some have now changed their lie to say they now follow a (non-fox) animal based scent. If so, why are their hounds still chasing foxes.

* If they have changed to a (non-fox) animal based scent, this contradicts their other false claim that they are unable to re-train their hounds to follow anything other than fox scents.

* Hunts claimed they have experimented with various fox based scents ie ground up liquidised foxes, until someone questioned where they are getting all their foxes from.

* If hunts really do lay a trail (as they claim) then why do they spend so much time on roads, on railway lines, in dense woods, riding through bogs and over ploughed fields, in peoples gardens, on private property, in areas totally unsuitable for riding.

The truth is fox (trail) hunts don’t lay and follow an artificial trail. They lie so much to cover up their illegal activity, once one excuse has been exposed as a lie, they move onto another lie.

Shocking webinars video revealing high ranking officials from the Hunting Office plotting to commit perjury in court and admitting on camera they lie and create smokescreens to fool the public, police and courts.


Link  :  Webinars

February 2021
  :  Mark Hankinson, director of the Masters of Fox Hounds Association, has been charged with intentionally encouraging or assisting others to commit an offence under the Hunting Act 2004, contrary to section 44 of the serious Crimes Act 2007.

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