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Our Foxes Need You




The only way fox hunting is going to get banned is to increase pressure & awareness to force your MP to vote to strengthen the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004.

85% of the public are against hunting but sadly our current government chooses to ignore this fact.


In 2004 it was public pressure that forced the government to introduce an Act to ban hunting with dogs. We all know that this act lacked strength and was full of loop holes making it difficult to enforce and prosecute.





There are three main ways you can help :


1. Online Campaigning.

(Good option for people with limited time or mobility)

This includes raising public awareness & pressure by :

  • Writing to – MP’S Police Councils Police Crime Commissioners Press & Media etc.
  • Sending campaign awareness posters to the public, MP’s & press.
  • Signing petitions.
  • Sharing things on your own timeline.
  • Promoting links.
  • Posting campaign awareness material in non-foxy public groups.
  • Join our Facebook group and help save our wildlife.


Our FaceBook Group : “Fox Hunting Evidence UK”


Our Facebook Page Share : “FoxHuntingEvidenceUK”


Our Twitter page : FoxEvidence


We need to make the public more aware that cruel barbaric fox hunting still continues today and this government is failing to protect our wildlife


A “Who to Contact” list for your area is available on our website, all you need to do is email them awareness campaign posters, which are also available on our website (feel free to use).


The people we need to make more aware are the public. Many of you are members of huge FB groups, try posting a cheeky awareness poster, may get deleted, may not, but if just one person manages to see and share it, then its worth a try.


We all know MP’s are hopeless at replying to correspondence, but that doesn’t really matter, its the sheer volume of pressure & awareness, constant bombardment that will make a difference. Please keep up the pressure by constantly sending MP’s awareness posters.


There are thousands and thousands of people in our foxy groups (FB) combined, can you imagine the huge effect we would have if everyone actually worked together in a mass campaign and bombarded their MP’s & press with awareness posters or letters.


2.  Attending Rallies, Demos, Protests, Leaflet drops etc.

Rallies, Demos, Protests : This is another excellent way to raise public awareness. The sheer mass of people sends out a clear message to the government, especially if they are well attended and you can get press/media coverage.

Sadly most of these rallies tend to be in London so not everyone can attend.

Leaflet drops : (handing out campaign material to the public) can have a good effect especially if you can get people to act on the information and hope they don’t thrown the leaflets away.

The disadvantage of this is you need a constant supply of money to print leaflets, time and volunteers. There is no way of tracking how effective this method is.

There are some very dedicated people who raise their own funds have reported some good results using the leaflet drop method.


3.  Out in the fields collecting evidence.

Collecting video and photographic evidence is an important part of building a strong case to prosecute hunters and expose the truth for public awareness. Evidence provokes people into action and raises awareness.

Sadly despite there often being overwhelming evidence of hunts blatantly breaking the law, loop holes in the law allow them to avoid prosecution, so they carry on killing our wildlife. Our current government supports the persecution of our wildlife.

Contact your local Monitor/Sab/Investigation group who can help point you in the right direction. But be aware it can also get rough and is not for the faint hearted. Monitors & sabs are often attacked or arrested on jumped up charges. Damage to cars and equipment by hunt thugs is common.

We would like to thank the many people who work tirelessly on the frontline in the fields often being attacked by violent hunters and their hired thugs to bring you evidence (photos & videos) of hunts breaking the law. Doing the job the police should be doing.



The general public need to be made more aware of the truth


Only with your active help will we succeed in getting hunting properly banned.


If we don’t act now and stop the war on wildlife we will have non left

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