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 Subject  :  Banning snares in Wales

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First, I would like to congratulate Welsh Labour on their recent successful re-election. 

Also, to let them know how much we appreciate their stance over the handing out grants to blood sport organisations and for disallowing the Badger Cull. This was a decisive and strong decision that sends a clear message to the supporters of killing animals.


On that note, I should like to raise the contentious issue of snaring.


Please would you support a comprehensive ban on snares in Wales; one that prohibits their manufacture, possession, sale, and use.


Snares are used extensively on “game bird shoots” to trap any animal that gamekeepers feel could be a threat to the game birds, which are solely bred to be shot for ‘pleasure’. 

Snaring animals is enormously cruel and utterly indiscriminate posing a threat to all animals both wild and domesticated. 

A UK Government survey in 2012 found that three-quarters of animals caught, killed, or wounded in snares are not the intended targets, such as badgers, hares, 
pine marten, red squirrel, deer, otters and family cats and dogs.

Many animals die of suffocation or endure horrific injuries in their struggle to escape. It can take many days before death finally ends their suffering.

Snaring is in direct conflict with the “Animal Welfare Act”

Lesley Griffiths, 
(Welsh rural affairs minister) has produced proposals for the regulation of snaring which are presented in : Agriculture (Wales) White Paper, section 7, 16 December 2020. 

However, this paper only states the proposal for the regulation of snares and does not state what these regulations on snares will be. 


We are hoping this will be a complete ban on their manufacture, possession, sale, and use.

It would be wonderful if you could support this. 


There are, however, some points to consider. 


Please could you take a moment to read this article

Link :  Article –  Ban Snares


This information article focuses on the broader implications of snaring and the shooting industry. 

It is not commonly known that a tight web surrounds the practice which, upon unravelling, reveals the reasons at its heart are borne out of financial gain and the enablement of hunting as opposed to their favoured excuse of conservation.


Animal welfare has always been part of the Labour Party’s manifesto and endorsed by its members. It is why many people who care about animals vote labour. Every single labour representative should be mindful of this.


The only way to ensure cruel, unnecessary, indiscriminating snaring does not take place, is a total ban on their manufacture, possession, sale, and use.


We thank Mr Mark Drakeford for the measures he has already taken to protect Welsh wildlife. 


Welsh Labour have an unique opportunity to take this further and for Wales to lead the rest of the UK by banning cruel, indiscriminate snares. 



With best wishes.


Yours sincerely,

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