Reporting harassment by hunt supporters

If you receive harassment by hunt supporters

Hunts and their followers can be particularly abusive and aggressive.

Many people have ended up in hospital after being attacked by hunts and their supporters, especially if they feel you have obtained illegal video evidence against them.

If you are targeted, abused or receive harassment from any hunt or their hunt supporters it can be a frightening and unpleasant experience. With the explosion of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has come the rise of internet bullying and therefore this advice maybe useful for anyone experiencing such action.  Firstly, report the details to the police via the non-emergency 101 number who, based on the full facts, will advise what offences are being committed. However, the offences that may be considered are;

  1. Main offence if directed at particular businesses or people – Harassment – see links below :


  1. In relation to messages on Facebook/Twitter/websites – Malicious communications – see link below:
  1. E-mails or other electronic messages, if they are menacing in character – could be misuse of communications. Please retain copies of all abuse.
  1. Could also be possible public order offences – words/messages could fall under sections 4A or 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, depending on the circumstances.
  1. If they are openly planning physical action (turning up at the hotel on a particular day to target the business) or (arranging thugs to attend Anti-hunt demonstrations) – depending what they are planning, they could be conspiring to commit a public order offence.

Please keep all evidence of abuse, threats, intimidation.

Please click on links below for more evidence